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A3DK new Steampunk Eye release now available at Denver Doll Emporium

Jun 7, 2010

    1. Alice & the 3 Dark Kings has been producing steampunk resin and brass doll eyes since March of 2009. Each batch of unique individual eyes takes up to three weeks to produce with multiple jewelry-quality resin layers and gears. No two eyes are identical.

      The latest batches of 14 and 16mm eyes have just been posted for sale at Denver Doll Emporium:


      A3DK Steampunk eyes are available exclusively through DDE only.

      Please note that the next lot will be delayed due to a gallery show - the next release should be posted in late August. Thanks for your time!
    2. Hey Bekka, are there any side views of these eyes available? The only pictures I could find on the site were front shots, and the one small picture of an eye in a doll. It would be nice if potential purchasers could see the dome/shape.
    3. I've asked for people to post owner pics of their eyes. I just made it so no responses yet but I'll post the thread here.
    4. I hope you'll forgive my iPhone efforts here, the real camera in the house is broken, but I hope these are enough to help give you an idea. The side picture here is from a 16mm I rejected as not centered enough so I still had it in the house - I don't have any 14mm rejects right now, but can tell you that their curve is more pronounced - essentially shorten the front dome diameter but keep the same side angles. Fingers included for scale. ^_^ And here's my Mir with a model eye I put in him a while back - hope they help!