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Abio Angel (Divinitydoll) Ordering Issuses

Jul 21, 2008

    1. anyone know about them. I have a doll from there I want but I wanna see if anyone has bought from there before

      heres there Link

      They seem pretty small sellers they have 4 girl and 4 boys dolls nothing else on there site

      soo ya just wondering if anyone knows anything about them or have had any problems with ordering fromt them:sweat
    2. I've ordered from them several times, as has my roommate. I have Er, two Lings, a Shi, and my roommate has a Yi.

      The dolls themselves are gorgeous, and as far as I'm concerned, my favourite company. The people from Divinity Doll (Amy the Yu, who is on this board, is in charge) are really nice. Delivery is really slow from them, but I think that's pretty normal... it did take two months to get my first doll from them, and it would have taken longer because they were waiting on eyes, but I just got them to send him without eyes, and send the eyes later, seperate.

      So it might take awhile to get a doll from them, but they will get you your doll, in great condition, and beautiful. And Amy the Yu is SUPER nice.

      Just remember, if you're looking at the boys - Er is Ling and Ling is Er. The pictures are mixed up on the website.

    3. ok good to no, cuz Er was the one I was looking for and it didn't lok like him..a friend has Er and I just LOVE it

      and I never mind how long it takes. im pretty paicent

      thanx soo much
    4. wait
      so the one labeled Er is actually a Ling and the one labeled a Ling is Er?
      so if i want the one with the er picture i order Ling?
    5. Wow I'm glad I like Yi best. He's adorable. But everyone has had pretty good transactions with these folks so far?
    6. one im planning on getting is from there i think, but, id like to know more about the head size for wigs...
    7. on there weite when u clic th doll u want next to there pcture is a thing that says Measurements click it and the last thing is the wig size it looks like they all have the wig size of-

      Wig Size: 8-9