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Abio Angel - is their resin really shiny?

Jun 27, 2007

    1. When I look at the dolls from the Abio Angel site [both the blog and Divinity dolls] I notice the gorgeous dolls have a really creepy shine to them. Is this something you see in the dolls IRL, or just something weird with the pictures?
    2. i have no problem with my girl - she looks perfectly fine to me. But agian, she is my one and only child so I cannot exactly compare her with another dolls.
    3. I think that has to do with whatever abio angel coats their dolls with. My girl had it when she first arrived but after her default faceup was removed she was fine. I think I actually threw away the pictures I took where she looked most shiny when i first got her but this should help illustrate it:
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    4. I had an Abio Angel, and I think she just had a smooth skin. ^_^
      I found their resin to be of absolutely incredibly great quality given their price!!

      I wouldn't call it shiny, at all... I'd say it has more of a waxen sheen to it.

      Fine grit sandpaper/sponge might help with this, but I found it to be a dewy complexion, and quite pretty!

    5. Thanks for your opinions. In your opinion, would it look strange next to another doll?
    6. Would you imagine that the shine would go down if the doll is coated with MSC?
    7. I don't think that their sheen level is that bad. I think it really depends on how you take your photographs. In person they don't look shiny. In a low indoor lighting with a flash you may get some reflective spots on it but I think that's true of any doll.

      I've seen them amonst other dolls and I wouldn't say there is any huge difference in sheen levels.

      If your really worried giving your doll a quick coating with matte msc wouldn't hurt any.

      Most of the pics on Divinity Doll were taken super quick as people were waiting for the site to go up to order, we aren't really happy with the pics up there now they don't do the dolls justice. There will be a much better shoot and relaunching of the site in August after Amy gets back from China and we have some time to make some really nice outfits to put them in.
    8. Great! I really shouldn't be worried, then. Thanks for everyone's input and I look forward to Shi's arrival!
    9. Perhaps my girl is okay because I requested her to come without face up.
    10. I don't get it... didn't you just say this a few posts ago...

      "i have no problem with my girl - she looks perfectly fine to me. But agian, she is my one and only child so I cannot exactly compare her with another dolls."

      Meh, face-ups are easily removable too... sometimes it's nice to get a basic natural face-up cause you can use that as a base for something else.
    11. Eh? I dont get what you mean :sweat

      I was saying that i have no problem with my girl at all - she looks perfectly fine in my opinion. But I only have one doll and I never compare her side by side with another doll.

      Someone say the shine might be due to the coating Abio Angel use - so I suggested perhaps that's why it looks shiny. FYI I requested Abio Angel to send my girl without face up so yeah she's coming blank :)
    12. I was planning on purchasing a doll from Abio Angel (Divinitydoll.com), and found that the dolls were a lot cheaper than most other SD sized dolls. I was wondering how the quality of the Abio Angels compare with dolls from other companies...? Thanks! ^^
    13. They take forever to ship. At least right now. There are people who have been waiting more than 50 days without a shipment. x.x Other than that, they are lovely dolls, and many people LOVE their bodies.
    14. Hey, find a friend going to Otakon and get them to buy one for you! Or pick it up, you can pay or put a deposit in beforehand.
    15. hi i am thinking of purchasing an old abio angel doll 1/3 size,and i have been trying to work out what type of resin they have,but it hard just by looking at pictures,i am not a big fan of shiny resin and prefer the more matt resin similiar to dollzone and aod resin,can anyone help me out and tell me their opinion on what the resin for the abio dolls are like if you own one,thanks??:)
    16. I have an AA boy body. He came to me coated in MSC, but it is starting to come off a little. It looks to me like it has a bit of a sheen to it, but it's not super shiney. It's pretty thick all around, and very very smooth, hence why it is a little less matte. Very nice for the price, in my opinion. :)
    17. mre opinions needed please!!and some pictures too if you have an abio doll
    18. bumping up this thread,
    19. when i first receive my AA doll, he was bit shiny, i guess it is due to the msc.
      but after the faceup is changed, it is not shiny anymore.
      but his resin is still fine