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About 7-8" heads...

Apr 20, 2008

    1. Very, very curious. Aside from VOLKS Msds & Bluefairy. I really can't think of any off the top of my head right now and I'd rather save hours & hours of mindless surfing again.

      What other dolls have 7-8" heads? ( if they aren't minis please feel free to tell me too, but that is VERY unlikely to have an SD with a 7-8" head.. lol )

      I would very much appreciate it if people can let me know what other dolls have that size head. I'm really contemplating with selling my bluefairy may.. but i dont want to let go of the wigs.. =3= unless i really dont have a choice.. but anyway.. :aheartbea
    2. most other ~45cm dolls (besides narin, unoa, limhwa, etc) should have 7-8" heads! so kid delf, minifee, dream of child, kid dollmore, d.i.m. happy, little fair, soulkid, little gem.. all of those would fit 7-8 wigs. o3o and a lot more should as well, but i can't think of them all right now. XD errr.. and some bigger boy dolls, like hounds and the souldoll guys, as well as the bigger elfdolls have been known to fit smaller-than-sd-size wigs.
      hope this helped a bit! haha.
    3. oh shoot. i feel quite dumb now *lol* but im glad i asked.. i havent heard much about the others you've mentioned! ahhh, i gotta think of it some more then. it sounds more & more likely that i might sell my BF may now =='''

      Thanks!! helped me a buttload! :D
    4. nurie, I'm right here whenever you want lol *shifty eyes*
    5. Off the top of my head, some minis that do not have 7-8 heads are:

      5-6 head
      Fashion-type minis like Unoa2, Domuya Flexifashion, Orientdoll Dae size

      6-7 head
      Unoa, Narae and the other dolls by sculptors from the Narae school - Supia, N-Doll, Limhwa, plus Castle Anne

      7-7.25-ish heads (can wear some 6-7 wigs) Dream of Doll, Souldoll

    6. Apparently Supia Rosy (who is an SD-sized girl) wears 7/8 wigs. I'm not sure if Supia Roda is the same.
    7. hi orangey, lol even if i feel slightly happy about what you said xD i think the mods might shoot me in the head for discussing sales in this section. ( just check out the minis within 3 full days from now.. will decide by then ^^ )

      oooh thanks carolyn!! muchly appreciated ! ^_^ i need to find another sub for my may if ever. XD

      sylvanus - O_O really?? i had NO idea.. thats kinda crazy actually.. i am however, quite in love with the dreaming roda >u<'' so i dont thik i would order any other type of supia aside from her...
    8. BTW - here is one good but incomplete size chart:


      The measurements are in cm (divide by 2.54 to get inches)

      16cm = 6.29 (may do better in straight size 6 wigs)
      17cm = 6.69
      18cm = 7.09
      19cm = 7.48
      20cm = 7.87
      21cm = 8.27

      Note - some dolls with as large as 19cm head will sometimes wear 6-7 if their crown is too shallow for 7-8's (7-8's are usually deeper than 6-7's)

      Re sales - I think you'll probably be ok as long as you don't advertise or solicit sales in your text (other than a link or banner that may happen to be in your signature).