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About ABS dolls: differences?

Jul 13, 2015

    1. Hey all! I sold my only two dolls that I've ever had. They were with me for about 5 or so years but I 99% of that they were in their boxes. I decided I wanted an MSD instead (I had an SD and YoSD). That may be the best size for me. I stumbled upon someone selling their Hujoo BB Dana with some clothes so I picked her up. She will be with me by the end of the month.

      Both of my other dolls were resin. What is the difference with ABS? Stain wise? Strength of the material? Anything helps.
    2. I have the Chicaloca version of that doll, so I can help here. :D
      ABS is also off-topic here though, so just keep that in mind.

      ABS seems lighter to me, and more plasticy in feel. I haven't noticed any staining on mine at all~
      The body they come with though is very limited. There is no mobility joint in the upper arms, so she can't swivel them outwards. I plan to do some modding there on mine. The body also has these "gears" in it, which seem to not help much at all, so I'll be removing mine, and sueding her as well.

      You have to clean them with very specific stuff too, since most things will melt ABS. If you check out Asenva on youtube, she has lots of helpful info on Hujoos and ABS in general! :D

      My Chicaloca was my first MSD, and while I still love her, she needs a lot of work before she's up to snuff for my needs. haha XD
    3. ABS dolls are off-topic for Den of Angels, so I am closing this thread.

      However, I know that Junkyspot carries a lot of ABS dolls, so you may have some luck on the forums they have there.