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About delaying of HU-Die-Meng,and information for name Tag:D

Jun 20, 2005

    1. About delaying of HU-Die-Meng doll's shippment :D

      Hu -Die-Meng has just same troubles with Hound doll, basically.
      but,I can ship to you in the end of this month, I think.
      only doll replication,and esthetic course is point of trouble.

      (....sigh....fabric jobs are almost done....sigh..sigh..sigh...
      now I'm on the Hound regular sets.and additional fashions.hahahaha...T-T)

      You don't need to worry about them, Too late or not.never. :D
      and If there someone who ordered the Hu-Die-Meng, but didnt e-mail from me,
      please make your message on the board of Tensiya....
      (Still now Only half of memebers gave me their name T-T...
      I'm so Lonely..T-T..please, let me know...all members name.
      It is the greatest/biggest pleasure of my work.)

      # Your name
      # your Phone.no
      # your doll's name.

      Sorry for you our late jobs again..^^;;;;
      (Guys are hurry up for you. to meet you as soon as possible;;;^^
      but..1st impression is very important. they know it. hahahaha;;;
      please forgive our lazy works again..they wil be your hands so soon. in perfect condition.)


      now, so soon...............>.<

    2. He is soooo beautiful~~ I am sad that I missed out the preorder... :cry:
    3. end of this month? I thought Hu die meng might take longer to prepare than that, so i'm excited to hear you plan to ship at the end of this month!! :D
      You already know my tag information ^^ so...
      Thankyou for all your hard work Anu.

    4. I'm sad I missed the pre-order too. I'm looking forward to the next one! Keep up the good work, Anu. :D
    5. Do you know when the next Bermann might be coming around, Anu? ^^;
    6. hehehe ^^
      about Hu-die-meng..
      well...because fabric works are alomost done,
      it depends on doll working, I think. :D

      and about next preorder...well...a
      Here is my schedule, (myt expect;)

      1) shippmnet of Haute doll Hound
      2) shippment of Hu die Meng
      3) Arrangement of 1st line of Hound as regular set / other supplies
      ----------------------end of this month.
      4) Preorder of Do Berman, the 1st line. Do01~11th dolls. as special verion.
      5) shippment of Do Bermann.

      There will be some changes on the shop-system,too.
      (for your comfortable and safe shop. ^-^!)

      and There will be one more Big(happy) news for you
      who made a reservarion for TensiYa Hound doll. too.
      Dollshe has really great talents for doll craft. I always surprise to him. my god.
      but I don't want to refer it now. (I love secret >.< as like a surprising box)
    7. Anu, now you have me REALLY curious! Can't wait to hear what this surprise might be though!
    8. Waii! Now I'm curious, too! :daisy
    9. Oh, I forgot to send you his name - I'm so sorry! I'm thrilled to even think about him shipping, regardless of when! I will email and PM you with his name, as I'm not sure which you prefer. Thank you so much for the reminder! It's lovely seeing posts from you! Fiona is looking forward to Hu-Die-Meng's arrival:


      She is his intended bride. So sweet, how she waits for him...

      Thank you, again, Anu! :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy
    10. Oh no, now it will be even harder to wait! :D (Looking forward to seeing the next Bermann, too, I bet he will be just as awe-inspiring as his brothers :) )