About Doll family H normal skin color.

Oct 28, 2020

    1. Im looking for find the girl's body and finally i found the perfect girl's body what i want.

      but Doll family-H have a lots of skin colors.
      Im wondering which normal skin color is good match with volks normal head.
      They have a pink normal / yellow normal skin color.

      normally pink normal skin from china is too pinky or bright for basic yellow normal skin color.
      sometimes yellow normal is too yellowing.

      do you know about this?

    2. I can confirm that their normal pink is very pink. So for volks, especially older volks, I'd say go with the normal yellow. The head can be blushed to match if the body is richer in color as well.

    3. Thanks for your opinions!

      My head is new volks head and diffrent company's new normal head coming now.
      i saw the yellow normal picture and it was too yellow like old dolls yellow skin :( huh........
      This is really difficult lol