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about Elf Lishe & etc

Dec 3, 2004

    1. I think some of DOA members preordered her already.^^
      I heard some info from Luts.

      Elf Lishe(Limited version)
      Includes : Elf Lishe head(open eyes), 2 dreaming Elf Lishe head(one is vampire ver.), a body, extra hands, eyes, a wig, two paddings, a box and her certificate.

      As you see, she has 3 heads. So that her price might become $650.
      eLuts will take the order of her at the end of December and ship her within January.

      Also Luts is thinking of Elf Lishe in regular version, but there will be no vampire head if released.

      Although this picture isn't much helpful, it is Elf Lishe's pic.

      AND some bonus(?) pics.

      He is dreaming Shiwoo.

      He is vampire Shiwoo.

      She is vampire Dark Elf Soo.

      Vampire heads will be release next year including new boy.
    2. OMG!!!!!!! VAMPIRE DARK ELF SOO!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you thank you thank you for the information!!! I'm gonna have to get my butt in gear if I want to afford all these beauties!!!!! :D :D :D
    3. Oh wow! Thanks for the pictures and news, Sienna. I'm becoming more and more tempted to get Elf Lishe because I really want her as a vampire and two extra heads is great! Well, except for the fact that it will be temping to get a bunch of extra bodies to go with the heads.

      And they'll be releasing regular non-elf vampires? :D It'd be great if they put out non-elf EL and Lishe vampires. Those two would be ideal. I'd want an army of them. Heh. Eliza's army of pretty vampires.
    4. OH WOW!!!! I just love seeing every new thing that luts release...! these are all lovely!

      I know you don't know much about them yet... but do the vampire ones (like vampire soo and shiwoo) do they have elf ears?

      I love their outfits too, very fun and aristocratic
    5. Wow... *speechless* Dern you CP for having gorgeous dolls XO
    6. :o AWESOME!!!!!

      New boy!? WOOO!!!!!!!! *bounce excitedly* Are they gonna release Vampire Chiwoo? >w< Please please pretty please?
    7. Yeah Chiwoo. Elf Chiwoo, Vampire Chiwoo... I'll go poor just to have that. <3

      Either way, Vampire Shiwoo looks awesome.
    8. I want the outfit that Elf Lishe is wearing *drools* beautiful victorian clothes!
    9. Ohhhhhh I loves dem. I do so hope they release Elf Lishe as a regular version as well, I would love to buy the limited one with the extra heads but due to cashflow lol I simply cannot stretch that far. These are promising, I also adore the Soo Sleepiing vampire head. :D

    11. oh my
      must have vampire shiwoo too
      :( i'm going to be broke
      happy but broke
    12. :o OMG..Look at all the vampires...WOW...
      Thanks for showing us...!!

      Charlie *^_^*
    13. They´re all beautiful, but Vamp Dark Elf Soo is the best!!
    14. GAH! Now im stuck... should i buy Dreaming Shiwoo or wait for Vampire dreaming Shiwoo???!!!

    15. ok that was me.... DOH!

    16. Sienna,
      Are those pics of the dolls with "standard makeup" or have they been specially painted by an artist?

      If that is Elf Lishe's standard faceup, I'm thrilled beyond words!

      Many thanks for the great pictures!
    17. it appears vampire shiwoo has normal ears if you look closely.
    18. Yes, that's what I was thinking! MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Whoa! Must get vampire Shiwoo. So very cool. Interesting that they did him with normal ears instead of elf ears. I think I prefer him with the normal ears.

    20. Wish they had the Vamp head on display for Elf Lishe
      But DES got the most amazing transformation! :o

      Were these pics taken @ Luts store?