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About Mini dolls age

Jul 1, 2009

    1. I've searched for a topic about this, but couldn't find. If there is one already and I missed it, I'm sorry.

      Anyway, I feel a little bit confused :)

      I have Mini sized dolls that I love, but I don't know their age...
      Let me explain better. I have a minifee, and she has a mature body, so I think she is a teen. But then I have 2 kid delfs. They are the same height of the MNF, but they are immature.
      I pose them together like if they were the same age, and I like the result, but honestly there's something weird about this. Of course the dolls can be the age I want, but still. What do you think? Are MSDs always supposed to be children?
    2. I feel like my mnf ryeon is 16ish, and kid delfs look like 13-14 I guess :S
      so if you want them to be the same age I guess 15 would work fine :D
      but it's all up to you :)
    3. Great question.
    4. Umm...dolls are just dolls if you ask me. I have two MSDs who are in their 20s, a puki of unknown age and my next doll will be a 15 cm who'll be over 30 years old. I think it's the appearance and personality that should decide age and not just the size of the doll.
    5. I've noticed that there are two types of MSDs; those which definately are little children and those which are more mature (like Minifées). Boys can be of different age more easily, but with girls the breast size is a problem. Girls with big boobs can't easily be preteens. All my MSDs (MNF, DZ & Lati Blue) are either in their teens or early 20s, so I'd answer that no, MSDs aren't always supposed to be little children.
    6. Thank you for your opinions so far :)
      I guess I agree with you Imarre, there are two types of MSDs.
      I know kid delfs are immature, but I don't know why, I can't see them as 7 or 8 old kids. Maybe 13-14 like you said Diana.
    7. I don't think that they HAVE to be children, even if they have no boobage!
      I mean, I'll speak for myself here.
      I'm a very pettiet *sp* gal, and I'm fairly..erm, flat xDD I'm not totally flat, but enough friends and I joke about it constantly and stuff, but that doesn't make me "immature" bodied. It goes to how you want the dolls build to be, as there are petteit *sp* builds, athletic builds, ext, and weights and such and forth. It just goes down to the age you want.
    8. I don't think that they are all children - my two girls and the third I have planned certainly aren't. Tiggy and Phe would probably be in their 20s with Éli just slightly younger. The way I see it, you have two types of MSDs. The first are the childlike ones that you would pose with an SD as a younger sibling or son/daughter. The second are the mature ones that are effectively scaled down SDs.
    9. I wouldn't say they're all supposed to be children, but teens at least in most cases. ;) Although I have seen a few mature minis that are very adultly tailored, so I guess it really just depends on which ones you have.

      For example, Volks intended for their MSDs to be like 5 year olds, if I remember correctly, but they look more like 9-10 year olds to me. :sweat And the SD10s, which are supposed to be 10, look more like 15-16 to me. And of course I view Yo-SDs as around 5 year olds, when I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be closer to 3.
    10. Luts markets their KDFs as 6-year-olds... And I must say, having worked with 5-10 year old kids, they look exactly that. If not a bit younger. Proportionally, they barely stretch it to the 6-year-old mark, because their heads are just so huge.

      Mine's 9.... just because that's his character age. But he definitely doesn't look 9, so he's a more stylized version of himself. If that makes any sense.

      Now, mature minis are a whole 'nother can of worms; where as SD's and immature minis are like 1/3 adults and children, mature minis are like 1/4 adults/teens. My Lati Rei was supposed to be a 12-year-old... And there's just no way he can pull that age off, except for maybe with his face. His body is definitely older teens.

      Mature minis have smaller heads and mature bodies that give them the look of someone older. A lot of immature minis have chubby (baby-fat!) body parts that make them look much younger (Like KDF hands and feets. CHUBBY)

      Anyways, I guess in the end its up to the individual to decide for themselves. I just can't see any of the immature minis as anything other than kids... especially because their proportions and bodies are so child-like.
    11. I have an Iplehouse Tatiana with the small bust body, she's 18.

      I think it depends on the mold, wig, clothes, eyes and faceup how old a doll looks. I've seen minis that look really mature and others of the same mold that look very young.
    12. The two MSD-size I have in my usericon here are the same height, so I have to play with uneven ground and such for the right perspective. The characters I have them represent are 16 for the boy, and 12 for the girl. Obviously the boy's quite short for 16 (or she's tall for 12. Most likely a combination of the two).

      Also depending on the faceup and clothing you give them (as well as how you photograph them), they can look to be in their lower-to-mid-twenties with a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

      MSD-size may give the illusion that they ought to be thought of as 'children,' but a lot of them can be shown to be far from it (especially, as mentioned before, MNF and other mature minis).
    13. I hate the idea of always portraying MSD sized dolls as kids. I view mine as late teens, 18-19-ish. I much prefer mature body MSDs to child body MSDs. I do have an old body DoC, but she also portrays and older character, just with a different body type.
    14. It depends on how the doll acts. My MSD is young, and leans towards being childish, like a 12 year old. But that's how her character always has been with random streaks of playing adult and doing so well.

      However I don't see any issue with a MSD being older than a pre-teen or child, immature body or not.
    15. I think they should be whatever age you want them to be. They are your dolls.
    16. :) I was thinking the same questions too.
      My Lati white is 2, my Lati Yellow is 3-4yrs old and my Yos are 8-9 yrs old, I was thinking my MNF will be 12-14 yrs old, hopefully that will work :D
    17. I guess this question came to me because of what Lelite and Rikka_Mika said. Luts markets the kid delfs like being 6 year old, and even Volks that markets the SDs as 10. Anyway, I don't see them like that. Maybe it's the style I dress them or take pics like some of you said, they seem older.
      Thank you for your thoughts :)
    18. I don't understand why they make ages, how the companies DRESS them for the ages makes no sence at all-
      Ex: Lets use my dream doll, VOLKS Yui,
      So you know, she cute, has long hair, and an H.Naoto dress.
      And she's 6. Yet she's wearing all this beautiful stuff, and shoes, made for older?
      Or the lolita girls they made...I think their SD10 or SD13, but regardless, as I was 13 two years ago, I can say my parents probably NEVER would let me board a train on my own/with friends and go to Harajuku like that. :/

      I don't know, it'll never make sence to me! xD Hence, I perfer just chosing my own ages.

    19. I really think it depends on how people feel. I personally couldn't see an MSD any older than say 12...I find it really odd when people say they're 18 or older irregardless of dress sense or body shape, to me they look like kids. Same with YOSD; they look like really little kids maybe 4 or 5 at a push...?

      I might feel different if I only had MSD's, but seeing as I mainly have SD's, I have chosen the mini's to be children/early teens.
    20. in my opinion teenies are like 3-6, MSD's are pre-teens, um..delf sized dolls are the older teens and then, depending on the company, any doll bigger then that is in btween 20 and 40. but to me even the mini fees looks like littles kids, so i geuss i have a very baised prespective.