About OrientDoll So-type

May 30, 2006

    1. I'm consider getting a tiny and I really like the Ye head that OrientDoll makes but I plan to order the optional head and get a girl body so I can make Ye a girl.

      What I want to know is will the OD So-type tinies fit into any clothes from Mattel's Kelly doll line? Are there any dolls readily available here in the US that I can hijack the clothes off of? I'll only be buying tops ans shirts probably no pants so pant length isn't an issue for me. I make all the clothes for my bigger dolls but I just don't think I can sew things so small as I would need to to make clothes for a tiny. I'd just like to know ahead of time if I'll have to order all my tiny clothes from ABJD companies. Doing so wouldn't really bother me but it's something I'd like to plan for ahead of time.

      Also what other ABJD company's clothes are the So-type compatible with?

      I'm sorry if these questions have already been answered but I'm just completly new to tinies and know absolutely nothing about them.
    2. Kelly fits So Ji Nicely, The little jellies shoesare so cute. The Madam Alexander, Doll house Doll clothes are iffy. Some are too big but some are perfect. Lilli is the little girl on my Atavar. I love my So Ji.
    3. catwhiskers thanks so much for that! It really helps!
    4. I make clothes for her size. You can see them in my for sale album in the first line of my signature. Although I'm using different models, they will fit the Orientdoll.
      Here's a sample of the Scallop sundress and bloomers also comes with matching top.
      This is a commission for SO Ji.
    5. Does anybody know if any of the Little Bratz stuff will fit SO? (I know the itty Bratz have VERY odd proportions.) I'd like to have some stuff that isn't frilly, cute, childlike, or all-American. (Most honestly, I'd like to have some Goth or punk tiny stuff.)

      (By the way, Valli, your craftsmanship in those pictures is AMAZING! Do you take commissions?)
    6. It depends what sort of thing you want. If you check the link in my signature it shows the fabrics I offer. I'm not sure I can do the Goth or punk looks as I have just the designs shown, but you're welcome to take a peek and let me know what you think.
    7. Thanks, Valli! I'll take a look! (It might be awhile before I'm ready to commission, though, since I haven't ordered the doll yet!)
    8. That's fine.
    9. Little Bratz-no, Baby Bratz-tops yes, bottoms maybe. Little Bratz stuff doesn't even fit Elfdolls for the most part, they're very skinny. Baby Bratz things fit a wide range of dolls.
    10. Hmm... I have a few questions about this doll and the company

      1. How much would shipping be on this tiny?

      2. How long does the shipping usually take?

      3. which other doll company clothes will fit this mold?

      I'm looking into getting one for my girlfriend ^ ^ She likes him as much, if not more than me
    11. Shipping seems to be about $25. Sorry thats the only question I can answer at the moment. Seems like without faceups they ship really fast... with, well I'll let you know when I get mine
    12. My shipping was $32 for a head and different body to Massachusetts.

      Shipping took about 2-3 days once it was shipped.

      I'm surprised that a crochet dress I made for my Nari-pon using a Kelly doll fit incredibly well on So. As others have said, Kelly clothes fit - tops and dresses fit all like shirts - pants depend - so far they are tight but if she's standing, she could be fine. Tommy shoes fit her best. So far she is the only one who fits the Tommy shoes perfect - all others are a little loose. I have some baby brats stuff I haven't tried yet.
    13. I specialise in tinys , wardrobe and wig , miniature knitting

      I highly recommend Orientdoll , the resin is gorgeous , their customer service , second to none
      they have a super fast delivery , without make up is about 2 weeks

      they are such lovely proportioned dolls , I have 2 a boy and a girl ...I just love them
    14. For a punk look, try Living Dead dolls, ususally on ebay stores. The dolls are pretty disgusting, but someone -- Moytoy? had a set that fit her nari pon, which are Kelly size.
    15. Ah yeah....I've seen the Kelly-sized ones - I never thought of that. I might have to see if Suncoast has any 75% off today and check ebay. Ooh!
    16. Does anyone happen to know if petite blythe clothes fit on the Orientdoll So?
    17. no they dont , I have both
      and petite Blythe have a much smaller bod
    18. If you get the dolls without a face-up, you will get them fast. I ordered 2 bodies last week and I had them in 3 days. :o

      The naripon crochet clothing fits So really well. Unfortunately, Notdoll only stocks them once a month.


      I got a Ye girl, too. :aheartbea I love her!
    19. EEEEEP! Your little girl in the pink dress is killing me! Wow. The dress fits her perfectly :daisy :daisy :daisy Cute, cute, cute face :D
    20. Very cute indeed!