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Oct 28, 2020

    1. Hello!

      I am new to the forum and is curious regarding the roleplays when I was scrolling some threads.

      I've read that if we tick the Offsite Roleplay in the Doll's Profile, someone may invite us to roleplay outside of DoA.

      Does that mean the forum has a roleplay thread too? How does it works? Do we roleplay as our dolls, and with other members roleplaying as their dolls? Will it require pictures or anything specific?

      I am familiar with the kind of roleplays for digital artists, where we have to design an original character and enroll to a roleplay group to see if our oc match the specific criteria. If the oc enrollment is accepted, than we can start roleplaying with a moderator present. And we have to accumulate points to level up / purchase things by drawing more arts about our roleplay scene. Therefore, I was wondering if the roleplay system / flow will be similar or entirely different.

      I am very interested though! No matter how I imagine, Doll Roleplay sounds so fun! I hope that everyone can teach me more about it since it was my first time hearing about Doll Roleplay ^^
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    2. Like said, it's supposed to be for "offsite" roleplay. DoA itself has no way to roleplay*, doesn't host roleplays or has a sister site doing so.

      This flag is simply a way for you to show other people "Hey, I am interested in this kind of thing, so when you want to talk about that and maybe get an RP going outside of DoA, feel free to hit me up!". Or of course the opposite "I am not interested in roleplay, my dolls//their OCs are not available for that kind of stuff, please don't ask me".

      As it is, most people use their dolls simply as a physical representation of their OCs. The fact that dolls exist of them doesn't change anything. So if they roleplay, it would be with that specific OC, not the...doll, so to speak.

      *I mean technically people can just roleplay via private messages if they want to, just mean there are no subforums/threads or anything like that here.
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    3. I see! Thank you so much for explaining it to me so clearly ^^. I got confused for a while thinking that we rps as dolls and not oc lol xD. Thanks for the easy to understand explanation!
    4. I role play through Skype with my sister mostly. We take turns writing paragraphs of what the dolls’ characters are saying and doing. I’ve also done some through PM here, but those have been more like the dolls were pen pals writing back and forth. Sometimes I RP on Facebook with friends. A couple of my dolls have their own Facebook profiles and I just use it as if the doll were a person posting things, commenting and doing actual RP through messenger, only with other doll characters and never with real people. Their profiles are private. I have been neglecting that part for awhile though, real life has kind of been in the way to stay too active.
    5. Levelling up through creating doll arts actually sounds pretty fun. I've always been too anxious to do the kind of RP based just around characters and storytelling with strangers - but I like more of a points based system, where there are goals and shared worldbuilding :)
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