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About the ebay seller of luts~

Dec 19, 2005

    1. hi~! every one~!!

      this is doogi~! i'm back~!!

      good to see you again~!

      thanks for your loves and deeply regard for luts. (^^:)

      about the ebay shop (thebuddyshop)~

      my boss did contact to ebay company at last month.

      he have recently diversified sale's channel so as to extend our market.

      and he decided on a course of action about e-bay.

      so, luts did accept the buddyshop as partner on ebay market.

      the method of ebay shop's selling is not acution type.

      the price is same to luts web site's.

      and the shop is "not" fraudulent shop.

      i'm sorry that throw into confusion.

      and i'm so sorry that i didn't let you know the matter, beforehand.

      i wish you do clear away misunderstanding about that.

      have a nice & happy day~!

      from : your friend....doogi (^^:)
    2. Thank you for letting us know Doogi. It's good that the buddy shop isn't fruad, but I still would rather buy from you at Eluts.com (love the service!).

    3. Welcome back, Doogi! We're glad you've returned!!

      And thanks for the information.
    4. Welcome back! ^-^
      It's very nice to see you back at eLUTS.com. ^0^
    5. Yes, thanks for letting us know and welcome back; we missed you!
    6. It's good to know that everything's okay. ^__^ Welcome back!

      One benefit I can see to buying Luts dolls through ebay is use of the monthly 10% off coupons. Luts would still be making all the money, and those of us who don't mind the roundabout way of receiving the dolls would get an extra discount at Ebay's expense. XD
    7. Sean is wonderful and a great addition to the Luts family...Doogi you were very much missed and Im so glad to know you are back. Thank you for letting us know about the ebay auctions.

      ~*Merry Christmas*~
    8. oh ok, but i think buying from luts is better :D