Accidental Copy-Cat Character Designs?

Sep 15, 2020

    1. So I'm the type to try and design a character before I go through with it, and trying to figure out what to buy for the doll as I save up is half the fun. But sometimes while shopping and thinking I put together something that looks great... too great...

      I was looking through Dollmore's shop for MSD clothes and thought it would be a very cute look to have a crop-top long sleeve black shirt, and some camo pants, and to get her green eyes and a red wig.

      And it took me until the next day to realize I had basically designed Kim Possible!

      Does anybody else suffer from this? Has anybody gone through with buying an outfit only to realize you've made someone else's character design by accident?
    2. Well, to be fair, with millions of people on earth, it's going to be hard not to accidentally "copy" a character. That being said, now that you've noticed, maybe you can play it off as a cosplay! Haha.

      Honestly though, I try not to worry about that too much. Similar characters will be created, it's going to happen, especially with dolls and how base models are. What matters the most is how you eventually mold them into something more. Be as creative as you can, it's all you can do! ❤️
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    3. I got a doll, dressed her up with things I've bought individually over the years, and only after I took her out for a photoshoot did I realize she looked almost exactly like Velma from Scooby-Doo. :lol:

      I feel like it's very easy to accidentally take inspiration from "iconic" characters like kim possible... but because they're so iconic it seems more like inspiration and less like copying. Especially since the doll sculpt inherently adds a personality of its own to your character. I don't think it's a bad thing to build on a look you happen to like!
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    4. I usually have celebrity or tv/movie/book/game character inspiration planned, so I don't typically try to avoid it. buuuut....this is embarrassing to admit, but after I got Marci all together, her style, her hair, her personality...I realized she reminded me a LOT of my coworker. The biggest differences are eye color and Marci wears glasses. Pretty much everything else was spot on. Completely unintentional, but I hope my coworker never sees my doll. :sweat
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    5. I mean... my latest doll ended up on a convergent evolution kind of path with Geralt of Rivia and Ciri. She has the same white hair, scars, metallic eyes, even the same general profession as a witcher... and it was purely an accident! I based her a bit off my current dungeons and dragons character, who's part angel and has white hair and metallic eyes. Then I messed up her faceup a bit and added a scar to cover up my initial screw-up and it looked cool enough that I kept it. Then I went and just HAD to make her adventuring gear, because her character is supposed to be a blood hunter and, and.... and the funny thing is, I hadn't even seen or read or played anything Witcher before I started customizing Mara. I knew it existed, but in much the same way I know a lot of other fantasy stuff exists. Whoops.

      However, I have now done my homework and read one of the Witcher books (and watched most of the Netflix series while quilting some armor, because that is a time consuming and thankless task, good heavens) and now I've decided... whatever. Sure. I'll embrace it. I've looked up some of the concept art for Ciri's outfits, and a lot of it is pretty awesome, so I'll probably incorporate that into Mara's gear as I get around to it. Not everything, I'm not sold on any individual outfit, but some design elements for sure. No sense reinventing the wheel.
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    6. So I follow a lot of writers, comic writers and artists, and other creatives in media on twitter and most of them seem agree that taking a fanfic and changing it to make it your own characters and story is a totally valid thing to do. There are a lot of properties out there (some are experiencing popularity right now) that all started out as essentially fanfic, so I would not worry at all about your own doll/character who happens to have accidental resemblance to Kim Possible. I mean, you didn't even do it on purpose and KP is fabulous anyway, so there are worse fictional characters your girl could look like!

      These same people have the same comments that @LonelyArtist posted as well - pretty much everything has already been done and almost everything is some kind of rehashing of other ideas. I have made up so many things for my stories only to find out that they actually exist somewhere and someone got there first, it's unavoidable to an extent.

      Anyway, let your doll look like Kim Possible if that's what you want. Maybe she's a fan! Or KP adjacent. Or has zero at all to do with that universe and is her own person with similar taste in clothing. It's all ok to do if you're happy with it.
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    7. There are only so many combos for most human dolls so it would be weird if some didn't look alike! Irl I've accidentally copied Kim Possible by wearing my cropped turtleneck and camo pants lol
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    8. I am an artist myself and its not uncomon for fanfiction, characters, and and colors to end up similar to somone elses works. I have an OC who is a shadowy man with only his eyes visible, and its a super comon design element, however its the personality and the story behind the personality that makes him different from any other character that he may look like. I imagine its not much different then making a doll. So many things have been done in the world that hardly anything is truely 'new' or 'unique'. But if its yours and you love it, that is all that matters as that what makes it special. :lol:
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