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Accidental Love, has it happened to you?

Aug 18, 2009

    1. Have you ever bought or traded for a doll that you weren't sure you were going to like, but when they got to you...you fell in love?

      Say you didn't like the body in the pics but it's perfect in person?
      The faceup didn't match the character, but when you lay eyes on it, you don't care?
      You never were a fan of the headsculpt, but now that it's in front of you...you get the picture, right? ;)

      When you got this doll, did you have to change something before you fell in love, or was it just instantanious?

      When my mnf Marcia arrived, I scoffed at her face. That scowl, those eyes, uck! But when I cleaned up some of the paint that had been added to her default faceup and re-painted her lips, I new I could never let her go!

      She is the light of my life now and she used to be sculpt that I hated.

      So has this happened to anyone else?
      Photos welcome! :D
    2. I wasn't totally sure I'd like my Unoa L-Bi. I suddenly really wanted an Unoa, and I found most of one (everything but the faceplate) going for suuuuuper cheap on ebay. I pretty much just pounced on it- I didn't even think about it half as much as I did when I was getting my first one. Then I got him, assembled him, and was horribly disappointed at how small he was compared to my bobobie An. It was really almost a case of "I don't even want this anymore..." But I'd still paid a decent amount for him, so I cleaned up his faceplate, got the teeth part, gave him a new faceup and slapped an awesome blonde wig on him, and thought "LOVE *drool drool*" Morghan is gorgeous to me now- and I'm really glad I kept him ^__^
    3. my msd f02, I wanted to have an option awake head for my sweet dream mika, and the f02 came with a swarrico body. but now I like her more then any of my minis.
    4. I'll admit that I bought my Luts Senior Delf Cian purely on impulse because I was still fairly new to the bjd hobby, I happened to be looking for a new boy sculpt and he was a limited edition that I could afford. Suffice it to say, since he was an impulse buy, I really wasn't sure if I would ever fall in love with him. When he arrived, the first thing I thought was: 'oh crap, what have I done? He looks like an adult Bory with those puffy cheeks!' :doh

      Fortunately with some mixing and matching of eyes and wigs, I eventually found the perfect look to make my Cian look like my character Siegfried. Now I love him to bits ;)
    5. I purchased my RS An and BBB Espree on impulse. I'd originally been looking at RS Mei, but wanted my first doll to have human ears and clicked on the 'buy' button without thinking. The second after I clicked on the 'buy' button I couldn't stop thinking "OMG! What did I just do? I'm going to hate him - his nose is far too big".

      I truly expected I would be putting An up for sale the second arrived home, but when he arrived I instantly fell in love and couldn't imagine how I ever thought I wouldn't love him.
    6. When I purchased my Dream Realm Wu-Hen (Dorian), I knew I wanted him, but when I got him home, I was amazed at just how much I loved this doll!!! OMG! I say good-night to him every night. He just surprised me at how much personality the sculpt has. I am very happy that I made the decision to purchase him. It's sad, I was thinking "ok, so if the house was on fire, after the kids and the animals are herded out, which dolls would I absolutely have to grab under my arms and run out the door?".... and he was definitely one!
    7. My first big BJD (Bobobie Weylin) had me angsting. I was so concerned about it and kicking myself after I ordered him, which I did mainly at the insistence of a very dear and knowledgable friend.

      I was angsting because Bobobie's pictures of him looked so dorky to me! But then I opened the box...

      To this day he's one of my favorites, and I could never, ever part with him.
    8. When I got my DZ Shoyo and her nose got messed up in an accident (she's not ruined by any means) I decided "I want another head". Since I have a DZ body I looked at the DZ girl heads, and I wasn't much of a fan of any of them besides Shoyo, so I just picked the "least unappealing" one, which was Tintan.

      As soon as the unpainted head came in the mail I loved her, and that's been the head on the body ever since. :) And now I want the other DZ girls too.
    9. My school B girl. I truly only bought her head as a practice head for faceups no intention of buying a body.

      Once I painted her face and put in eyes, she was still just a head. I put on her default volks wig and wasnt impressed. Changed her faceup again, and I swapped out her wig for a Monique gold two tone wig and changed her eye color and suddenly I was staring. For some reason she was suddenly more than 'just a head' and I knew she needed a body. Got her a second hand DD2 body and there she was. I'd never expected her, never wanted an SD before her, but it was love. She is my favorite SD now.
    10. My Ushiwakamaru. I would never purchase or trade for a sculpt I outright did not like, but I never expected to love him as much as I do. I went into the trade because I was curious about the sculpt and had always thought it interesting, but once I got him home he was such an evil little bugger right out of the box. Miyabi is a real pleasure to photograph, and I am very happy I decided to take that chance with him.
    11. When i first got into the hobby i Was not into volks dolls in general,
      and especially Volks Luna, To me she looked like a goldfish because of her huge lips XP , Its funny because Now i own a Luna! shes my favorite SD10 girl and i even want another,
      and I love Volks now too,
      I guess its because back then i judged dolls on default faceups , But now i refuse to keep default on any of my dolls because they have so much more personality with customed faceups.
    12. Same here. I didn't like Volks either for ages - to me they looked odd - but I just bought a Megu more or less on impulse and I'm so glad I did. It may be because she has a great custom faceup, but i fell in love as soon as she arrived and wouldn't give her up now.
    13. Oh yes! When I bought my Dollmore Lillis Liv she just looked sad & like she needed a home & was also a great price. I wasn't sure if she'd really stay but once I got her & changed her eyes, I fell completely in love. She's been one of my favorite dolls ever since. She's still depressed but at least she's loved.
    14. Teehee...i too have fallen under the spell...but it took a little work.

      I REALLY wanted an MSdoll Blue head...but i found a #3, and bought it anyway...even if it was not as severe as i had wanted. i was worried i'd find him rather bland since he wasn't exactly what i wanted, but after i did his face up, and got him the wig i wanted, he clicked. he is EXACTLY as grumpy and sullen as i can handle, and i'm smitten...i wouldn't trade him for all the MSdoll blues in the world ;P
    15. I must say, I have fallen in love.
      I originally bought a Bobobie Pandora head from Bobobie last August as a practice head. I had no character in mind, I didn't name her...she was just a head to put make-up on. I wasn't attracted to the head AT ALL. Honest? I only bought her because I thought she would be more difficult to paint--what with the way her mouth is set and her teef.

      I had no idea that I was going to fall in love at first sight.
      I can't imagine living with out my darling Eveline now. <3
    16. I impulse bought someone's Volks Kohya once a long time ago. I didn't think much about it and didn't really think I'd be that into the doll. I ended up really falling in love with him when he arrived because he looked so upset when removed from his box. Probably one of my top two or three favorite dolls ever.
    17. When I bought my MD Ryu head in the marketplace, he came with a faceup. I was pretty sure I was going to wipe him when I got him, but I actually ended up really liking his faceup and he still has it now. :)
    18. Meredith was an accidental love... I bought his head only to practise. I tried to find a sculpt that was not too expensive in the marketplace, after that I searched different sellers to see who sold it cheaper, and then I bought him =3

      After that I got the rush of Ideas of what I could do with him/her.... thats when I decided it was a him xD
      But still I tried not to get over-excited since it was only for practise!
      And he did not even fit any of the characters I had in mind to get in BJD....

      But then I got him.... and I fell in love with his total sexiness!!!
      Now that he as a body... make that sexy x2 xD

      I really love him, and its seems I dont even want to get some others because they would not fit with him... even though I wanted them in the beginning XP
    19. With Roy, it was definitely accidental love.

      The first time I saw the Leeke Mihael on the Leekeworld site, I was pretty turned off (maybe even disgusted) by how he looked with those tiny eyes, wonky nose, and thick sad lips. I only bought his head because his face seemed to have the right amount of thickness to dramatically modify. I was planning to change all his features. While I waited for his arrival, I was nervous and regretful.

      Then I held his head in my hands for the first time. I was in love and I didn't know why. He was an awkward blank fat head that highly amused me and brought on character qualities that I didn't expect. I eventually modded him but only a little. His wonky nose is still wonky but I made it a little thinner with a point. After that little modification, I instantly realized that he reminded me of my favorite male vocalist Roy Khan. So you can see why he was given the nickname Roy.

      *siiigh* I'm so glad he somehow found his way into my life. :aheartbea
    20. Oh yes.
      Yomi, my mod School A was like that.

      Usually, I'm not a big fan of School A's. Honestly, I just don't care much for the sculpt... So even though I *knew* this particular head wasn't going to look exactly like the 'stock model' when all was said and done, there was still this bit of "Yeah, but what if he still reminds you of a frog?" going on in the back of my mind.

      That actually lasted right up until he got a face-up.

      Since then, we've finally completely made peace. He does still have frog-like characteristics and I'm never going to find him a particularly beautiful doll... But I do like him. And he's very much what I had in mind for a resin avatar of that particular tabletop RPG character. He's very much Yomi.