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Accidental orders?

Jun 5, 2007

    1. ever order something by sheer accident? go through a mock order to find out s&h price only to find out you did make an order?

      I now have lil boots for my yoko on the way; well i was gunna get em anyway.
    2. I personaly haven't had it happen though I have heard of it happening to others. Now I am very careful that when I do a mock order, I select wire transfer so my cc does not automaticaly get charged.
    3. Haha *_*

      this is why I always stop mock orders when they ask for payment details >_>
    4. It happened to me once with a set of clothes from dollmore. I thought the order didn't go through and then... it had-- twice. :|

      I had to email them about the mistake and they canceled the order for me. Thank goodness! :)
    5. My roommate ordered a Luts Soony this way. XD
    6. Only when I first tried a mock order... and had no idea what to do. So I canceled it.
      Vin was a mock order that I decided to pay for XD
    7. Hohoho - did I ever. XD I ordered Aedon through Firefox with the popup blocker still on - and accidentally ordered him THREE TIMES. That was a hairy few days of order-cancelling and overdrawing and bank-calling, I think that's where I got this first grey hair...
    8. ...this'd be why, even though I don't like it as a browser, I always always always order stuff in Internet Explorer; seems like nobody reliably designs websites for anything else anymore. The few times I've forgotten and used Opera (my usual browser), something's gone wrong and thankfully it's only ever been that stuff DIDN'T get ordered, but I figure it's only a matter of time before I end up in over my head on something I was just toying with ordering. -_-;;
    9. Usually I use IE to order everything too, but now 4D errors even in IE so I have to use Opera for it..ironic :lol:

      I had one accidental order from Leekeworld but I canceled it immediately after I realized it was a real order.
    10. Well I thought I was only bidding on a doll on yahoo japan, and it turned out it was a buy it now, so it kinda was an accident, I bidded just for the fun, and i got a doll! well it was a good accident :)
    11. Well, nothing like that, but..
      My dad uses Firefox to order stuff, which probably isn't the greatest idea..
      he'll get mad and click on everything five million times. So when we were ordering Jinsung we accidentally ordered two Kyles. XD Luckily he could cancel one.
      He also did that with Daejin >___> Three Cyber Bohemians. I think it's hilarious that he does this all the time. XD
    12. Wow. I do mock orders all the time to see shipping. This has never happened to me, but I'll be extra careful from now on!
    13. I heard of a recent order that was mocked up, and then the person's Cat took a paw in the matter, while the person was cooking supper.

      Fortunately, the person did want the doll.

      Ann in CT
    14. that needs to be a comic strip.
    15. This happened to me when I was doing a mock Cotin order to see what the shipping would be. I was an idiot and didn't see the LARGE TEXT on the top right hand side that said shipping was free. When I went to what I thought would be the grand total page I got "Thanks for your order!^^".

      Good thing I wanted the wig anyway.
    16. i've never had a mock order go through acidently but i had a scare the other day >.< I was looking a website, and then went to check my email and my heart almost stoped when i saw that they had sent me an email. >.< luckly for me it was just an email to tell me that they were out of stock
    17. Yes! Oh geez! I put a mock order through for a doll and I hadn't even had my first one yet! :o I was SO scared! But luckly I cancelled it and the company was really great about it. :) Since then I've been more careful about mock ordering. ;)
    18. Me me meee!

      Yep, I did that. With my very first doll. I wanted to find out how much the doll would be with shipping and handling, but before I knew it, I'd ordered him. Ooops. I had planned on waiting a few more days to 'think' about whether I wanted him or not. Heh heh THAT worked :roll: But I'm guessing it happened because it was meant to be. And now I love him and don't regret it at all.

      Silly thing is - if I'd only searched around the website more, I'd have realized that when you order a doll direct from Elfdoll, shipping is free. So it really was kind of a pointless thing to do... I kicked myself for a couple days when I found that out.
    19. I've never done mock orders... I tend to guess about shipping, and I only order doll stuff when i've money to spare anyway, none of this "I wonder if I can fit it into this..." It's directly after payday or not at all, so I know shipping won't kill me.:)
    20. My browser went funky when I was ordering a Soom body and I ordered three. Oh how I lol'd. When I paid up, I just put a big message on the Paypal message thing 'ONLY ONE BODY PLSE K THNX SORRY:sweat'