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Ack! This is aweful!

May 31, 2005

    1. 'ello everyone,
      I'm so upset! A few days ago I thought that just perhaps, Kito's lips had smudged. So, today, ten days after I received him- it's true! His makeup is rubbing off! It's default DoD makeup, and I did not use ay chemicals near or on it.. did anyone else have this problem? I'm... just so upset! I paid $35 for his makeup, as little or lot as it may seem. But, most of his bottom lip-color is gone, and the top is smudged. This doesn't seem right... help?
    2. if you ordered him from DoD I'd definately contact them. That sounds like they forgot to coat him O_o. I'd send 'em an email.
    3. @_@ Yeah, sounds like he's not coated. ;; Poor thing.

      In the meantime, you should definitely look into finding something to coat him with. I keep hearing things on the forums about Testors, which you might be able to find at Micheals.

      Hmm.. does anyone know if there is a visible (even slightly) difference between a doll's coated head and the uncoated body? I want to be able to tell that my boy is coated when he arrives, if possible.
    4. Having a head coated would make it slightly less shiny.
    5. They are sure as heck coated @_@ Ive done a faceop myself,I can tell.
      It happened to My Si too. Its the coating th use on the lips, the gloss.
    6. I have a Yen coming with make up - does that mean that I should coat his head with testor's dullcote? :?
    7. Got my Hu last week, he seems fine. I've done a little pastel enhancement and he appears to be coated with no problems. Sorry to hear that your doll has a situation, but you can fix him with a good acrylic sealent.

      If you want to recolor his lip before sealing, I HIGHLY recommend a good pastel and small soft brush. I've been using liquitex on my smaller bjd's and the pastels are sooooo much nicer and more natural looking AND easier to use!

      Get both sealer and pastels at a REAL ART STORE (ex. Dick Blick, et al). Folks at the art supply shop can make wise recommendations based on your media (resin!). Don't shop for these things at Michaels unless you are experienced with their products. They carry a LOT of crap art supplies and caustic sealers! Nice folks work there, but they don't know jack s**t about bjds.
    8. I'd contact DoD and see what they have to say. I had this problem on my CP shiwoo when I got him, but I didn't get him through CP or eluts so I had to regloss the lips myself.

      They way I see it, you paid for the faceup and it should stay put until you want to change it. DoD I hear is good about fixing mistakes though. ^_^ So not to worry. Keep us posted!
    9. Ah, yeah, I know they're supposed to come coated, I just wanted to be able to be sure incase one or two didn't as a mistake.

      Hmm, so the gloss is rubbing off? Well, at least I know about it ahead of time, then. :3
    10. D:
      omg if DOD have not coated your doll..well well I'll eat them >0
      Thier quality of work is going very down ill u__u Im pretty much on the path of not buyign form them again~
    11. Um, just wanna say that DoD usually does coat the faceups, I've soaked my Zen's head in soap water a couple of times without the faceup wearing off at all.
    12. I've never ordered from DoD, or actually have ordered any dolls yet...but from what I've heard..

      Sometimes paints and coats can be affected by weather conditions, so maybe when they were taking care of your doll there was a bit of a flucuation. My opinion: Not to worry, just give them a call, see what they say, if they don't offer to fix it, then touch-him up yourself, seal-him, and move on. Don't let one bad-experience with a company ruin your relation with your 'little-one'

      Have a great day!
    13. the gloss on my DOD default face-up kinda..melted. I agree that it may be weather affected. That sucks though. :(
    14. So is it just the gloss that's coming off, the lipcolor, or everything?
    15. Isn't it true that sometimes gloss can strip off sealant and the blush/paint beneath if it gets gooey?
    16. Oh come on =( It might be the problem where she live,s because it's only just recently that I've had this problem, and I've had my dol for well over a month. It's probably weather-affected, because the most that's happened was a bit of fading on two (small) spots on his lips. It's not noticable from a normal distance. ( You dont stare at them nose to nose to do you? :lol: )

      And, we could post a little notice and bump it up. It's an easy problem to solve. You can just get some Tossers clear coat or MSC in a pot and paint over the lip's again. The head is coated already.

      It shouldn't be so bad to turn you off the brand =( DOD is only trying to satify thier customers by getting the dol's out faster, so maybe they ran out of thier usual sealer and had to use a subsitute. Be glad it isn't the WHOLE faceup, and a 52 $ one like Ryung. @_@;
      <3 ecchan
    17. No one is bashing DoD; however, people need to know whether this was an error on DoD's part or weather conditions, etc. It's not a matter of proving that DoD did something wrong, but making things right. Also note that the emotions she invested into the face up may be different than the way others feel.
    18. First off, it's been nice here lately, as far as weather conditions- It's been low of 70 degrees out and he has never touched water. It's rained here twice since I got him (Now eleven days ago) and most of his lipcolor is GONE. It is not the gloss, the lipcolor. His lips are pretty much bare. And his eyes are chipping, which could be because I peeled his eyelashes off, since they were smushed from being shipped.

      Second off, Ecchan, I've had my battles with you and I just have to say if I wanted to do his faceup myself I would have. I can not do good faceups, and I do not want to senf him off. I'm afraid that DoD can't do -anything- about that. I will email them later though, this is a dissappointment.
    19. Weird! Odette's face-up is just as perfect as the day she got here! And that was 5 months ago! *_*
    20. Ecchan.. there's no need to be DOD's guard dog. *_*

      If you pay for a faceup, you usually expect the faceup to last a while.. and if DOD is trying to speed things up by using products that aren't their usual as you say, then maybe they need to consider taking fewer orders at time.

      And yeah, there are people who stare at their dolls nose to nose. I do it sometimes because I like to marvel over the tiny little details in the painting, like the lips lines or bottom eyelashes.