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Active Line FeePle Body??? o.o

May 20, 2009

    1. hey!~
      i was wondering if anyone knew if FairyLand is going to come out with an ActiveLine FeePle Body?

      just curious ^^
    2. I remember Fairyland saying that they are planning to come out with a 60cm body line. I don't recall them saying anything about reworking the Feeple 70cm body types.

      Maybe I'm forgetting something?
    3. bah! i hope they do...
      i read it somewhere on here
      i might have misread though, it might have been the one about the new 60cm o.o
    4. A FeePle body like the current Minifee Active lines would be so wonderful o.o
    5. i know T^T
      i'm hoping that they do come out with one soon
      i don't see why they couldn't.... o.o
    6. I've just ordered a Feeple, so I hope they don't make an updated body available while I wait for my order to ship!! :( The Feeple bodies are already pretty "active" with excellent poseability — of course it is possible to improve on what's there — but I don't think it would be the most urgent project.
    7. i figured xp
      i just like the pose-ability my littlefee has in her torso ^^ <3
    8. I would love a larger active line! Wait... they're releasing a 60cm line? *Interest is sparked!*
    9. Oyi, I would LOVE if the Feeple was an A-Line like the MNFs, sadly I've heard nothing. T_T Oh well, I found someone to mod my Feeple to have that extra joint in the torso for only like $30 =D lol
    10. Vampyrekei, I'd like to see the results of that mod. It would be cool if FL added more options to the Feeple a la Carte, for example shorter legs, smaller breasts and more torso joints... that way they would cross over two sizes without introducing a whole other line/size of dolls. Then it would also be super-cool (pipedream) if they could make up with Luts and offer the Delf heads as part of the a la Carte...
    11. I just want those oft-fabled Feeple 60s... ^_^;
    12. I recall being surprised that Fairyland was going to make a 60cm body, as there had been some mention when the company first started that the 60cm Delf body was exclusive to Luts and Fairyland had agreed not to compete in that size range. Things change though, so maybe a bigger Active Line body is possible in the future! :D
    13. here's hoping fairyland reads this lol
      though if there's a thread for the mod, Vampyrekei, i'd like to see it ^^
    14. I've actually asked them this question (more than once), ever since I got my Ashley, they keep giving me the typical response of "we don't have any plans..." and then they lock the post...but that's not going to keep me from asking over and over again. :lol:
      I know what you mean though, I love my A-line boys pose-ability and the Feeple girl has a torso joint, why did they make the boy body so rigid?
      I'll probably be waiting a long time, but I refuse to buy that boy body until they make it better, so I'm going to keep asking about it.
    15. I wonder how they would pull off doing an active line for the feeples... they are considerably "heavyer" so I am thinking the little parts might be strained in certain poses. But I hope their engineering geniuses come up with something comparable.
    16. Which little parts do you mean?
      The Feeple bodies already have double jointed arms and legs and rotating thigh joints, I think most of us are just looking for a torso joint (on the boy body)....and maybe magnetic hands (for boy and girl). :lol:
    17. i was looking for the torso joint and magnetic hands for both girl and boy. i don't buy boys, they're not my thing.
    18. Well I'd for one, would love a 60cm doll modeled after a minifee body!