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Actual Dreams About Your Doll

Jul 1, 2011

    1. Last week I dreamt about my doll Miki.It was not a nice dream :...(
      In my dream she fell from my closet! And her face was damaged.

      Yesterday I dreamt about my doll Nono. In my dream I was on holiday in Iceland and
      I visited with Nono some waterfalls after that I went to a store. I found a doll and she
      looked the same like Nono only she was green. At the same moment Nono became green too.:?
    2. I had a very long dream that me and my friend, Jayden, were visiting a strange place. There was this huge mansion owned by an old lady who was rumored to be a witch. She had a display case outside her house, right at the road, open to everyone, full of all sorts of dolls... including BJD's! Some of the best kind!! There was this beautiful DIM model, I knew it was by them because of its fangs and it's faceup, and I knew I could easily... take it. I was conflicted, I knew it was bad to steal, but obviously the doll was being mistreated (as it was left outside!), and someone else would surely take it, so why not me?! However, I found out through Jayden that she only left them out there because anyone who took one... would be cursed. Although in waking life I am quite superstitious, in the dream I was highly skeptical. Knowing a lot about witches, I said there was no way she could curse me. I grabbed the doll and took it with me... later I was followed by a man who later turned out to be the devil himself. He disguised himself as my partner in business and led me to do awful things, then later he killed me... awful dream, and although it was not actually a dream about MY BJD, I still thought it should be shared. :)
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    3. last night I had a nightmare!! 0.0
      yesterday, I sent first payment for a limited doll on the market place and that night & I dreamed that the next day, the seller contacted me saying he is actually a man, never had the doll and is running away with my money. D:
      I was so panicked when I woke up! the first thing I did was checking my mails and paypal xD
    4. The other night, I had a terrible nightmare. I don't remember all of it, but I do remember that I had sent Ezzie off for something or another, and she comes back with a terrible faceup drawn over her factory faceup, and on top of that, all the MSC was peeling off in little tiny squares! I was crying and freaking out because I was lucky that they were willing to substitute the default eyebrows from the Puki Sugar when I'd originally ordered Ezzie, and now it was all ruined.
    5. I had a dream that I went to an antiques store. I remember a subtle carnival theme for some reason.

      A middle-aged man was there, watching the weather on an old TV. He was also selling two dolls that were behind a glass case.

      A boy and a girl--one was a Luts, and the girl I couldn't identify. I wanted to talk to him about the dolls, since I've got no one to talk to dolls about IRL, and it was a nice conversation. I didn't buy the dolls, but I left happier than when I came in. It's surprising 'cause I'm not one to strike up a conversation with a stranger.. :3

      I'm gonna see if any Luts sculpts jump out at me, and whether he's the one I dreamt about.
      edit: I'm pretty sure it was a Kid Delf Pine. He's on my wishlist, I should have recognized him. XD
    6. I had a dream a few months back that I completely ruined my sister's doll. haha x)
      In the dream I was posing him and thinking "wow hes so flexible" thats when I snapped his torso. -_-;
      I didn't even freak out in the dream. I was just like "oh well..." >.<
      I woke up so relieved it wasn't real.
    7. I recently had a dream i ordered a Puki, but when it got here it was too small for me and i didn't like it's face but for some reason it came with EVERY faceplate o.o and i thought about it and sold all the faceplates and i got over $300. I was so happy i bought Pandora's body that arrived instantly and then i finally sold the original puki and his face and got about $400 : O
      was amazing and so i bought the Iplehouse Amy :3 i was so happy but then i woke up and was like.. awh darn D;
    8. I once dreamed i had a puki. It was 2-3 Times smiller than they really are Ô___o
    9. I often dream of dolls. most recent dream I was trying to pack everything that is important to me in a hurry, so I packed Freya and I was trying to pack some of her clothes and shoes before time ran out, then I went to pack my bears and mangas and grab a handful of clothes for myself. don't know why I was packing or where I was going, I just knew I had to do it in a hurry because something bad was about to happen.
    10. I had a dream about dolls last night, but I can't remember what happened. Darn! D":
    11. I had another dream about dolls last night for some reason.

      It was daytime, and my mom came into my room, asking me when I was leaving to go to my doctor. She saw me holding a few of my dolls (which IRL weren't my dolls) and said something along the line of me wasting time when I'm going to be late. I told her that I was going to take a few to show my doctor, and I was thinking about which one I was going to bring. Then, I got really excited for some reason, and was like "I have five dolls - five of them!"

      In actuality, I have 2... I guess I need five, lol.
    12. I only have dream about my doll once,but I can't remember what happened is dream.T_T
    13. I dreamed of Freya again last night. This time i was going to visit my aunt and I was taking freya with me (my aunt lives 5 mins away from me) but I forgot to pick her up before I left my house. Then my mum was trying to take me on a long walk, but I realised I'd left Freya and went back home to get her. By the time I got home I was too tired to go to my aunts. And thats when I woke up. Funny thing is, I am going to my aunts this friday, lets hope I dont forget Freya or get taken on any long walks.
    14. I dreamed all last night of an adorable little Puki. I'm don't know what mold she was, but she told me she was a fallen star and asked me to take care of her. Most of the dream was about us building her a tiny house and making some clothes for her.

      Needless to say, I've officially decided I need a Puki. XD
    15. That's awesome ; o ;
    16. Once, I had a dream, I was in the most cutest cafe I've ever seen, when everywhere was beautiful ivy and shelfs with dollfie, I want to have cafe in this style one day...

      Ps. I want to have dream with Puki too : D
    17. I had a dream last night where I was being like stalked or something by this freaky woman, and the whole time I was carrying Rika around (pipos cheshrie) only she was like the size of a Dollmore Lusion Dahlia o.O I woke up remembering that i had a thought during my dream; "it would be kinda cool to have a chesire the size of a lusion O_o"
    18. I had an interesting dream last night. :o
      It was in my old, old house that I lived in 6 years ago. I love that house so it was fine with me. So anyways, I guess there was a doll meet in it, in like every room including the bathroom (where the tub was filled with someone's dolly crew all arranged and sitting). It wasn't hosted by me though. So I somehow obtained a Fairyland MNF Shushu. (I'm waiting for one in real life). But this Shushu was like a combination of the idea of Soom Mixi and Iplehouse Tatiana Trapeze edition. Anyways, she was made of clear resin for a torso and one leg. Also cyan resin for the hand tips and on the legs (the legs/feet were weird and big and...not feet.) and apparently on the nose. The face was lightly tanned.... and she was wearing the Trapeze Tatiana's outfit. The other odd thing was that if I washed her, it would all wash off. The cyan, the tan, and yes even the transparency. o.O

      So I went into the other, smaller bathroom and began chipping away at the tan face"up". Then I realized there had to be a more official way to remove them. So I went to this guy in my house. He was kinda like a bum skater kid with long straight hair and face piercings, but was like a BJD guru and obviously not a bum. I asked him how to do it properly and he didnt have anything with him, so he began mixing some kitchen ingredients into a pan. It looked weird. I think it was a spicy dish. He had me stir it, but a particular way. Then he grinned and said "Yes, its turning over bright red! Its ready." and I said "Is this what you normally use?" and he said "... Lets just forget about this afterwards, okay?" so I didn't know if it was a risky way, or a secret way. Haha.

      Then I looked at my finally-obtained Shushu (whos face didnt actually look like a shushu, but in my dream she was called that D: ) and wondered if wiping the colors on her was a good idea. I asked the guy out loud "Is wiping her a good idea? Should i do it?" and he started putting my "mix" into containers and said "No way. You bond with that chick and you get a new Shushu for your plans." in a tone like I was crazy to want to wipe a rare doll or something.

      I said "AW MAN...but I tried so hard to get a Shushu for this. And I got this one. And I have no money left for another one. I was even already planning to get something after I got money, but I guess I could get her later and save for a shushu again...but the wait was sooooo long for my- ...wait. The wait for my Shushu....Thats right! I have a Shushu being made right now! I forgot, she's going to be here in ... 2 weeks! Oh my gosh, yes!"
      Which is true. My shushu should be here in about 3 weeks though, and I only own an Iplehouse doll right now. XD And its true I have no money left and was planning to get something when I got more money. I was going to order a Resin soul Mei from Junkyspot. Perhaps I'll mimic this dream doll on Mei? :O and I know exactly where to get the Tatiana outfit....
    19. That's interesting. I have never dreamt of BJDs. weird.... Maybe I just can't remember. lol
    20. I don't have any dolls yet, but I was contemplating getting a Resinsoul boy. So I had this dream the other night that I was playing with the Resinsoul's hands, and I also had a pukipuki. ( I knew the pukipuki hands used magnets) I was taking the pukipuki's hands off, and the Resisoul's, and I think I even tried the Resinsoul's hands on the pukipuki. (The resinsoul was an MSD). But I was like the same size as the pukipuki. I decided that I really liked the pukipuki hands.

      That day, after I woke up, I was browsing Fairyland's website for some reason, and I fell in love with the pukipuki piki. :)