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Actual stores for BJDs?

Jun 23, 2011

    1. I live in houston, and I've never seen any stuff for the kids in real life- then I get to Paris and BAM! There's a shop with a bunch of stuff! (sadly just for SD's)

      So here's my questions-

      What do you prefer, online shopping, or having an actual store?

      DO you have a store in your area?

      Would you have the initiative to start one if you were a business minded individual?

      And this is just for me, but if anyone is in the Paris area and knows of any place that sells MSD stuff, please let me know? I'd love a souvenir for my Narae! I leave monday, so an asnwer before then would be wonderful <3

      As per usual mods- if this is a repeat please delete it :)
    2. I prefer online shopping only because I have more options then if I had one store... however I really wish we had a BJD store here. I would love more then anything to go look at doll stuff and dolls in a store.<3 You also don't have to wait for the things you buy to ship...XD

      My city is fairly small... so I would not start a store even if I wanted to... I don't think their would be enough people interested. Anyway I would get too attached to the dolls I buy for the store and would not want to sell them.XD
      #2 skyf, Jun 23, 2011
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    3. I don't mind buying online though it would be nice buying from an actual store if the price wasn't too high.
      We almost don't even have online stores based in the country, I was thinking about opening one but it needs more money than I can give it right now.
    4. I don't mind buying from online, but if there was an actual store somewhere to go to (near me, of course) I would definitely pay it a visit. Perhaps multiple, depending on the prices and selection. I like physically looking around stores. C:
    5. I know there's a Volks store in Los Angeles, CA... I've never been to it though (sadly).
    6. I love buying in a store. So yes, even if the store was in Berlin or Hamburg (for example, as I live in Germany), I would gladly travel there.

      Sad that the big department stores (e.g. Harrods), which carry so many expensive and exclusive items do not even offer accessoires for BJDs.

      Now, if you buy jewelry or clothing for thousands of euros, then a 500 &#8364; collector's item (i.e. doll) should be no problem?

      Perhaps the big companies such as Volks, Luts, etc. should give this a thought...that would be heaven.
    7. In NC there is the Doll Market, and they have some stuff. Denver has DDE, LA has the Volks store...I perfer online though as the DollMarket, though nice, and has some things, I wouldn't want a doll there. The white skinned one they removed for a customer to look at had yellowed because of the lights she was under. If they ordered it, yes, but not out of the case.

      However, I would love to open my own store. A friend is suppose to open a store, and she wants to also sell BJD stuff, but heavens know when that'll happen. (Her opening the store, I mean.)
    8. I think Mint on Card has a store front now too
    9. The Volks store over here is kinda neat, but not too big. Even Dollheart's store was pretty small before it closed. I think it really comes down to location, and how many customers are in your area. It'd be so nice to have a store, yeah, but it must be hard for people to place a store where they know they will have plenty of customers all the time. Kudos to those who do have shops out there :)
    10. Well for most I don't think a actual store is even an option. I've never been in a bjd store ever and I don't live near enough one that it's an option so it's online or nothing for me.

      It would be neat to have a local store though! For sure, I'd love to go see dolls in person.
    11. I don't mind buying online but it would be nice to have a store here to visit and see things up close, I'm so bad with measurements and such that it would help a lot to be able to see exactly how things measure up.

      A friend of mine keeps encouraging me to think of opening a small bjd shop with her, every time I see her she tells me new ideas and plans for it. She has experience in store management so hopefully one day we can see her plans come to life ^_^
    12. I also live in Houston, and it would be great to have somewhere to go where I could look at doll stuff. I don't even think it needs to be an entire store, but to have a shop that carried BJD supplies/clothes/etc would be awesome.
    13. I only online shop becuase I have to. If there was a pysical store with a very good selection near me, I don't think I would leave.
      I know that some where in central Texas in a small town there is a doll store that sells Volks stuff, but I don't know exactly where, and then of course the other stores in the US that are mentioned.
      But I live in CT, right next to NY, and I'd LOVE to open a BJD store in NY, sell both company clothes and dolls. Probably focus on some of the lesser known companies though ^ u^ I really love dolls and want to spread it around as much as possible... and putting it in a major city, I think would help for the location, even if it would cost more than any where else.
    14. Well Dollmarket has other dolls too, like Tonner, American Girl, etc, so they have a bigger presense in the dolly world. I think most doll stores should. Even DenverDoll does.
    15. dollheart is still in monkok, they just moved to a different building
    16. i haven't seen anyone else on this list from my province (doesn't mean there isn't one of course), but most of the locations i see are hundreds of miles away at the closest. so there probably wouldn't be enough local market here to support one. it would be really nice to see the stuff before i buy it, but i'm used to online shopping for most things not just bjd stuff
    17. I prefer to actually fit something on before buying, for myself and my dollies... The chance that something doesnt fit always exsist and it's such a shame when it doesnt... for the doll and the wallet :p

      On the other hand, online shopping cuts a lot in the price of the items. Less stockage areas, rent for storebuildings, employees and keep counting, they all cost a lot of money...

      I think there is one real store in a neighburing country that I know off. Though it's only open in weekends I think. But since there is none near to me, I'll keep it to online shopping and trying things on at dollfairs :)
      I guess both options are have advantages but disadvantages aswell :(
    18. Of all the new business startups, 1/3 eventually turn a profit, 1/3 break even, and 1/3 never leave a negative earnings scenario. According to a study by the U.S. Small Business Association, only 2/3 of all small business startups survive the first two years and less than half make it to four years.

      Having taken over a successful business and had it end up costing us twice more than ever came in the door (and we closed) I can say that no, I would never, ever, ever want to open a BJD store, and I would strongly advise against anyone else doing so.

      What I wish online retailers would do is offer exact measurements on their products. That would solve a multitude of issues.
    19. A volks Store *o* I never knew there was one, right by my friends place as well. I will have to go!

      I would hope more BJD stores open, it would be so neat. Imagine a BJD store in your local shopping mall!! ^^
    20. Not a doll store per se but Doll Fair is located in Berea, Ohio.

      I wonder if they have a showroom?