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Adorable twin boys from Kizdolls

Jan 18, 2010

    1. Welcome to Kizdolls.com!
      Kizdolls has its own twin boys called Deey,the elder one, and Saiy, the younger one. They would be happy to be yours. You are always welcomed to visit our website. Thank you!

      Deey-Basic ver.

      Saiy-Basic ver.
    2. Your dolls are lovely! Will you have the body available seperate? Maybe in White skin?
    3. Your dolls are very nice! Your site is a little difficult to use though. The payment methods do not work smoothly on either explorer or firefox (at least on my comupter). I'm not even sure my order went through. :(
    4. Do you have a resin comparison for these dolls available?
    5. Hi, do you have more pictures?
    6. Both boys are gorgeous. Do you plan on having an option for layaway?