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Adult Clothing for MSD sized.

Nov 23, 2007

    1. Hey all.

      What I was wondering, is if anyone else has noticed...the noticable lack of adult style clothing for MSD and slim MSD sized dolls, well at least in the company's clothing lines. (Custimizers are an exception, I love you guys). All of the styles I seem to find are either childish, or mostly teen/punky things, but nothing thats classically considerd adult.

      Am I just not looking in the right places?
    2. Yes, you're right.

      I have a DZ Felian, who is a slim/mature mini; her measurements are much like Narae and Unoa. But I haven't found any BJD companies (besides Dollfair--they have Tanya style and Bliss, for example) that also sell slim/mature clothes. the reason being, of course, MSD sized dolls are meant to be childish or teens.
    3. I know what you mean - most MSD companies sell very child-like clothing. I personally like the Dollmore style, but that could be considered more clothes for my age bracket (18 - 25) then the older age bracket.

      You can find some stuff that's good for an older doll's wardrobe, but it is mostly just a matter of a little bit here, a little bit there.
    4. If you have a slim mature mini that can wear Narae clothes, then I think you are just missing some things. But I agree that most of the clothing sold at larger BJD companies is teen-styled punk/goth/loli stuff.

      I have seen Narae wear some 16-17 inch fashion doll clothes that looked like Dior suits, designer dresses, etc. Narae and the newer Soulkid mature body can wear Tonner Matt slacks which are not tight or lowcut that would work at a business meeting.

      Teen Trends has a few formals (I can't find a pic of the long blue one):

      JoyceW's clothes look older to me though her slacks are lowcut.

      Some of Mio's clothes are a bit older looking (new styles every couple of months):

      Waykohler also but she is working on her site:

      Brennil's clothes:

      Lindsays Corner:


      And occasionally even Friends2BMade:

      And for more adult shoes - Leekeworld sometimes has some fairly adult-looking shoes for male and female, and some slim footed minis can wear Cissy shoes with low heels.

      And I probably missed a bunch from memory so see the Narae and Narin Clothes thread.

      And the Unoa Fashion Show thread (Unoa's legs are a bit shorter than Narae's and her small bust is smaller and large bust is larger than's Narae's bust). Also Unoa's feet are shorter:

      But even with the above, it is hard to find an above the knee skirt that covers more than the underpants!

    5. I've noticed it too and that is why I started making clothes for my DZ girl. While I get how MSDs are meant to be children or teens, don't companies get that not all teens want to dress like emos or goths? The skirt thing is annoying with how increibly short some of them are. I know I would like some nice plain dress shoes and actual knee boots (those seem to be hard to find). I will keep an eye out some nicer mature clothes.
    6. *nods* I agree. Most readymade MSD clothing seems to be either casual or EGL, or just too faddy (as in, by this time next year it will be SO out of style). Dress shoes are especially hard to find, and those are the only things I can't make...:sweat
    7. Carolyn, bless you for putting such a great list of links in one place! :fangirl:

      I think you have to search a little harder, maybe, to find more adult-themed items for MSD, but it also depends on how well you put together the things you do find! Separates are your doll's friend! Seriously, most of Heavenlea's wardrobe are separates that I've purchased with her current wardrobe in mind. In addition to the great links you've posted (I've found some great things from Joyce and Brennil), there are many very talented seamstresses on the Marketplace and I've picked up some great pieces from them.

      If your doll is lucky enough to be on the slimmer side, there are a lot of very nice tops and sweaters from Tonner that look lovely on BJD. I have a couple of Tyler Wentworth items that look really nice on my doll.

      Good luck finding clothes for your dollie!
    8. Yay!

      Although I'm no very sure exactly how to shop for my future MSD boy. You guys gave examples of more mature ladies' clothing for MSD, but boys? This is harder for me, considering that my future boy wouldn't dress "childishly"; in fact, profile-wise, he would dress sort of like a little adult. Every now and then, the child can be seen, but he's dreadfully mature most of the time.

      I'll try to rummage through my mom's doll outfits for any clothes that might fi him, first of course. :3

      But where can I be pointed to more Victorian-esque wear, without treading into EGL-land? This is especially hard, because he is, well, a boy... :doh
    9. If a boy is slim and has measurements like Narin, he should be able to wear Tonner Matt clothing. I saw Narin wearing a whole Matt suit and it looked great.

      Narin's measurements are in the next-to-last column here:
      And Dollfair seels some Bliss Narin clothes:

      But that's about all I know about to male mini sizes, what clothes they can wear, etc. If you can find an organized thread for the doll you are getting you may find more info or people who would know what clothes fit him.

    10. Its sorta true about some of the tonner stuff. I have two MNF Shushu's. One its fine if she dresses sorta childish, and the other...I would die in my sleep. Yeah.

      THank you for all the links BTW.
    11. Yeah - dressing in a designer-inspired suit is not what my Narae is interested in either! But some of the Tonner sweaters are really nice (like the pastel shrugs) and the basic blouse is nice adult-style blouse. And some of the historical clothing and undies that fit are gorgeous. Keep in mind that not everything fits - the sleeves or armholes need to be generous and items usually need to stretch (or be loose items). Tonnet female slacks do not work.

    12. I usually like my MSDs in kid's clothing, but one of my boys prefers clothing that isn't too casual, and that is definitely hard to find. I'm not into punky or goth, either.

      I'd recommend Mio (http://www.m2kdolls.com) for designer jeans that are far more adult than kiddy, especially the skintight pairs! Volks has also made some suits (like this: http://www.volksusa.com/ofoth090701.html) and trench coat sets (like these beige and black ones: http://smallwonder.micah68.net/photos/main.php?g2_itemId=216&g2_imageViewsIndex=2) which are great for a grown-up look.

      Edit: I forgot to add that the not-so-slim MSD boys also fit great in the Tonner Matt suits.
    13. You can also commission any of the talented seamstresses in the marketplace to custom-make clothing to suit your tastes. ;)

      I know I have DoC/MSD and Narin/Limho sized dolls in that size range and would love to do more mature looking clothing for you. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, pics or links to what you are interested in. :daisy

    14. me and my msd owners friends have the same problem... I solve this sewing clothes for my own dolls, I dress my Shirogane in a little childish way but I can't see my Narumi in the same way: he need more mature outfits and I love him dressing like an elegant charming boy^^