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Adult clothing on tinies - Do you do it?

Jun 27, 2010

  1. Yes!

  2. No

  3. I mix-and-match adult and child clothing for them

  4. I've never thought of that!

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    1. I have a BBB Eric on the way, and he is intended to be a sort of chibi-version of one of my original characters. However, finding 'adult' clothing (I.E. clothing that doesn't make the doll look deliberately like a child, such as leather jackets, spiked collars, etc...) in his size is a challenge. It seems like so many outfits out there for tinies are intended to make said tiny doll look like a child.

      So my question is this: If you have a tiny, do you dress him or her up as a child, or would you go out of your way to find more 'adult' clothing, whatever the reason?
    2. That's a very good question. I know my tinies (when the get here :|) will be dressed in very 'childish' clothing. Heck, even my MSD, Aaryl has some lolli clothes I've made for her that are childish.
      I think we dress them as children for the most part, because they have childish features. You know what I mean? If you're an artist, or do any drawing, you know that one of the main differences between children and adults is their proportions, mostly on their faces. Everything is all squished in, sort of like when you were younger and played that "I'm squishing your head" game with your thumb and pointer finger.
    3. Come to think, only one of my tinies is a 'child' per se - most are Tigerbabies, which -while small and chibi in appearance- are really a boy in his late teens in a shamanic spirit-guise. My BBB Nissa is a space alien (a little green man! about four foot...mebbe he wanna kick some butt!) so could be eight or eight hundred years old for all we know. My Tinybear dolls, a Coco and a Bracken, while tiny-sized, do not seem like children to me, at all.

      Some of their clothes are 'childlike', I suppose (shorts, colourful t-shirts, bib overalls) but I see them as more playful. I have made a navy suit jacket & pants and dress shirt for a Puki, as well as a black leather motorcycle vest. I see tinies as more chibi representations of adults or little supernatural critters, not children.
    4. why not? it just depends on the character you want. i've dressed a puki in full pirate outfit. it really only means paying a lot of attention to detail and scaling down the materials as much as possible.
    5. I would dress him/her as a child because this is how I normally perceive tinies. If they have elfen or other type of ears other than normal ears then maybe, I would give his/her more 'adult' clothing. Though it would all depend on his/her character and my budget.
    6. my pukifee is chibi form of my 20-something character so i try to dress her up less like a child.
      it's hard to find clothes for her that are not cute dresses, so i go with casual tees and jeans for now. might commision someone or try to sew her something more grownup someday :p
      i think it's perfectly normal to dress tinies either as a child or as an adult, they look good in both styles : )
    7. I only do it for Macchiato because she's not really a kid...all the others dress as kids though except Nuri...she has some teenage pieces in her wardrobe
    8. It depends on the doll and character. I have Lati dolls who are all children and dress as such but my Elfdoll Bong wears mature clothes as she has her own house and job :)
    9. I decided to say "mix and match." Because I love when people make little dress and stuff for their pukis and whatnot. They look like little kids dresses and I'd like to do that one day.

      But right now my puki has all FL dresses. To me they look like lolita. Which looks like little girl clothing for older girls. So.... yes and no? lol
    10. I'd like to think that my only tiny is a child form of one of my characters, so she's probably going to end up in more "childish" clothes than not!
    11. depends on which Tiny I have ....some are adult and some are children
      ..some pure fantasy
    12. Some of my tinies are definitely older (like my small Elfdoll, Lyn), and my Planetdoll tinies are all teenagers. The others are kids to me (like my Littlefees), but I've seen some Littlefees dressed maturely - I think it all depends on who the owner wants them to be. :)
    13. Yep. I do dress my tinies in more adult clothing. None of them are technically children, though one or two of them sometimes *act* like kids. XD All of my tinies are of the more, eh...innocent/naive sort, being fae or demons, so whatever they wear, they do NOT really have the same sort of personaliies as my SD and MSD resinbrats. That said, I do try to keep them looking at least somewhat like the rest of my crew, which means no childish clothing, except for the one who's wearing his school uniform. My BBB Sunny is wearing leather trousers and a net shirt, my CD Chubby Demon has a wardrobe full of Bratz Boyz clothing that looks like it could belong to most teenaged to twenty something boys, and both of my Pukis are punks, which means that the pair of them wear leather jackets and collars and all sorts of things that are definitely not childlike. The whole "cute little kid" tiny thing is just not my thing, so I don't dress my tinies that way.
    14. I have only 1 tiny (on the way) a Nappy choo,but I will dress him in jeans. I have no idea if this is for adults only-on real children I like jeans too :) If I can grap other adult clothing I'll dress my doll also in it,I like it! no idea why.
    15. Yep. Not only do I dress them that way, I have some more adult styles that I make as part of my "Yo Clubwear" line


      The Elfdoll tinys in particular are adult and dress that way...

      And one of my Pukis is a lush, smokes, and has a "thing" for the big boys....

      Just because they're small doesn't mean they're young.
    16. Yeah, I dress mine more like teens. I see so many tinies dressed up like babies and toddlers, and after awhile they seem to blend together so much that you can't even tell any of them apart anymore. But I suppose it also depends on what kind of character the person's doll is.