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Adult looking guys ~60 cm?

Sep 5, 2008

    1. I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread like this before but I can't find it! If there is one, please direct me to it...

      So. I'm looking for more adult/mature looking 60 cm guys. I'm not sure if I want realistic ones or more "anime"-ish so just post whichever. I wanted three of the Leeke L boys first, but after seeing comparation pictures I realized how huge their heads are and now I'm not so sure about them anymore - they're gooing to be pictured a lot with other dolls so... and since I'm looking for ~60 cm guys Dollshe is too big. Also, there are Minimees but I'm not sure about them either so I need new ideas.

      So! Please inspire me with some adult looking SD!
    2. Well, Minimees done right are the most realistic mature molds :) How about senior delfs? Some Iplehouse guys look quite mature and souldoll do too.
    3. How about the Elfdoll boys? They are pretty masculine. Wu and Red are the most feminine of them. They are 63cm, not too much taller then what you are looking for. Hope that is helpful! :)
    4. I'd try to help you out but that pink text you're using is making my eyes water. If you really want people to help you, I'd suggest using a color that's easier to read. Really, I can't read it.
    5. Have you seen Demon Garden? they're 60cm and quite mature looking.

      Happy House sells them and you can see pictures of them here:


      I also agree that Iplehouse and Elfdoll has some mature boys, but they're in the 62cm range. And Latidoll does too but they're also in the 62cm range. :sweat
    6. It's very unlike me to actually take this kind of hint but for this thread I will. I'd like to hear your opinion.

      To everyone else: Thank you so much! These are some companies I haven't thought of. I'm open to more ideas. :D
    7. Oh, 62 cm is perfectly fine. I'm just not very interested in 70 cm dolls (mostly because there aren't too many female 70 cm dolls...)
    8. I think the new Migidoll boy is stylized but mature looking. Maybe Crobidoll Lance, Dolkot Lucifer, Napidoll's Serious or Aesch? And agreeing that Elfdoll boys should be looked at too.

      Minimee boy's heads are still on the large side, so if the Leeke head size is too big you might want to rethink that route! Same reason I'm not recommending Dollstown boys, their heads aren't huge but their faces are!

      My crew has quite a head size range, as long as they aren't dolls that are meant to be either related OR a couple than it doesn't bother me for a general group.

      (and thanks for changeing the font color! I like to help when I can but I won't strain my eyes to do it! ^_~)
    9. Thank you idrisfynn! Those are some companies I haven't looked at yet and I really like some of the dolls. Napidoll's Aesch's a hunk...

      Actually they will couple up sooner or later and they will be in a lot of pictures together, so it's kind of a deal to have them somewhat in scale to each other and it's even better if they're easy to match anyway.
      Atm I'm considering 70 cm dolls more and more because there are tons of dolls there which I like but then again it's the girl problem. Where are all the ~70 cm girls? >__<

      [rant]I actually haven't found myself in this kind of situtation with ABJDs ever before, because I've always had dolls that I wanted instead of characters in need of bodies. Now I'm not looking for any doll in particular, but I need to find dolls that will not only suit the character but that will also have to go with the rest. It's really frustrating, especially since I'll start working again now and have the money for the dolls I want. I'd like to have some form of plan.[/rant]
    10. Dollmore Model girls are 68cm, FairyLand Feeple girls are 67.5cm, and Soom SuperGem girls are 65cm. :)
    11. Yeah, I just realized that there are quite a few Dollmore model girls that really works for the characters... I'll have to check out the FairyLands and SuperGems. Thanks!
    12. how about Limhwa Mano? He's a little taller at 67cm with what I think is a more masculine/mature sculpt.

      Norma in NZ
    13. Thanks, Norma and minuet! I'm not very fond of Mano, maybe because I haven't seen any owner pics... I'll have to check out the Gallery for him! As for the Spirit dolls... I've been eyening them and I think they're lovely! But they're not for this particular family...

      Haha, so... I'm definately going for 70 cm... again. When I sold my Husky I promised myself not to buy any more 70 cms but what do you know...
      Now I've actually found 65-70 cm dols for all the four female characters in my family, but I've yet to find one more male. So... Please keep posting suggestions! :D If it wasn't for you guys I probably wouldn't have found them.
    14. Just wondering have you come by this thread:
      The amount of guys pic in this thread might give you ideas which guys to go for and how is the body like and you can see a lot of head too.
      See I love my SD16 Yuki (65cm) but I know now a days is quite hard to come by. Mind you he match pretty well with my Unoa-zero (64cm) and I find he is pretty muscle enough for me although the waist is a bit thin but I can bear with that.
      Hummm tall boys maybe Luts Senior Delf, super senior delf, DOI from dream of doll?
      Hope you find the guy you want good luck!
    15. Let me introduce my guy, Limhwa tanned Mano Elf. I think he is the most mature adult-looking guy at this time. :) He is 67cm with beautifu tanned resin and detailed torso. This is especially for the one who love muscle!!:D

    16. yeah he looks great tan i never seem to like this doll but seeing him now i lam re thinking him
    17. The new Unidoll Real girls are also about 65cm, I believe.