Advice about Kim Lasher dolls

Feb 24, 2019

    1. i am interested in purchasing a Kim Lasher doll. I've never seen one personnally. So I would like to know if anyone could tell me if these dolls are nice, pose well, and about the resin's quality. I would like to have an advice, if these dolls are a good choice.
    2. I have one Kimberly Lasher body (from her SD-sized Eryka) that I've used in a hybrid. I really love it! The sculpting is beautiful, especially the looooong-fingered hands - works very well with the elf head I have on it! The resin is also extremely smooth, much smoother than just about any other BJD I own. Her dolls are very slim for their size though and may need something tailored. Posing is good, but I am generally not too demanding in that area as most of my dolls are older and single-jointed. :sweat Overall, I'd honestly say it's one of my favorite bodies that I've handled and I was really fortunate to find mine secondhand at a good price.
    3. I feel the same way! I am looking for a head for my Alice body. The bodies are very well designed and real looking and the best hands anywhere.
    4. I have a Kim Lasher a goth girl she is superb Really good to pose I was so happy with her I have purchase another second hand