Advice on dealing with scam websites selling BJD

Jul 13, 2018

    1. It was reported on Facebook that a website by the name has taken images of customizers dolls and doll products. What actions can you take to prevent being a victim as a buyer or person whose images get stolen? And what can you do if you become a victim as a buyer or owner of photos?
    2. I’d say the best way to avoid trouble is to only shop at highly recommended and popular websites like DenverDollEmporium. If you find yourself buying something second hand I recommend making the seller take a picture with it next to something. Anything. Just to prove they have it. Using PayPal is a good idea too, new or used. That way if you’re cheated you can file with PayPal and get your money back.
    3. A lot of people photoshop a watermark on their photos. On most sites if somebody steals your photo you can ask the site to take it down.

      As a buyer? Mostly ask for a picture taken with a note you specify before buying to verify the person actally has the doll.
    4. As others have mentioned, when you are buying anything secondhand (not just dolls!), do ask the seller to take a picture of something like a notecard with their username written on it next to the item. Any seller that you'll actually want to buy things from will have no issue doing this for you. If they are hesitant or unwilling, it either means they don't have the item or they do have the item and are just a difficult seller. You don't want to be the buyer in either of those situations.