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advice to your past self

Jan 9, 2017

    1. hi all i was just wondering if you could offer advice to your past self when getting into this hobby what would it be?
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    2. Do your research. The dolls won't be going anywhere and you need to know the money doesn't come easy but can go fast. Join the forums, go to meet ups and ask questions. Don't know if I would still get into the companies I eventually did, but would. Maybe not have bought so many I didn't really love.
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    3. Don't settle for a cheaper doll just because you can't afford one that cost more; just save up a little more.
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    4. Research, research, research! Don't just dive in with no idea what you're doing. You risk losing a lot of money or damaging your doll that way. Research faceup safety gear and what materials are safe for resin. Research a good variety of companies instead of feeling limited to what's in stock with US dealers. Research what eyes, wigs, clothes and shoes are best for your money. Research how to restring. Research what hybrids work or don't. Research local meet ups. Don't be scared because you're ignorant--research and learn so you can make educated choices in all aspects of the hobby.
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    5. Don't worry about what other people may think.

      As long as you're not hurting anyone else, just do what makes you happy.
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    6. 1. Admit that you don't have any skill at faceups, or the patience to develop it, and you're going to have to pay someone else to get the effect you want. (This isn't for everyone, but it's definitely true for me!)
      2. Don't be so afraid of touching the dolls -- they aren't as fragile as you think they are.
      3. Be willing to experiment: dye a doll who isn't otherwise making your heart go pitter-pat, or try new embellishment techniques.
      4. Sewing for these tiny things is harder than you realized. Worth it, but so much harder. You will spend an entire weekend trying to get one tiny little body decently covered in clothes that look right, and some weekends you won't be able to finish more than a t-shirt, and that's okay.
      5. Other people will always be better at sewing for their dolls, or taking photos of them, and that's okay, too. It's not a competition.
      6. Do not stress over dolls. Love them, play with them, sew for them, whatever -- but do not stress.
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    7. Don't let what someone else likes and doesn't like influence what dolls you purchase, you'll regret it.

      Just because someone says you shouldn't do something, doesn't mean it can't be done. Do your research and decide if the risk is worth it for you. (This was how I got into dyeing)
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    8. Impulse buys are a no. Just because you like it for a week and have the money, doesn't mean you'll love it when it arrives. Wait to be sure you love everything importanimportant first. Also, research the body! Research!!!!!!!
    9. I would tell the past me to be even more patient in getting a doll, and to be careful with expressing my enthusiasm with my family.

      I would also tease an incredulous me about getting way too many Iplehouse dolls. I can see the younger me going :oUrgh... because at the time I hated the aesthetics of the Iple male bodies with a vengeance.
    10. Stop buying black clothing (This still applies to me today). I have a bad habit of buying everything in black or different greys.
    11. Don't buy SDs, and don't buy super tiny 12cm dolls.... and don't buy 13 you can't handle that many, and don't bother trying to do your own faceups because even though you love painting you hate doing it on 3D surfaces, and try sewing clothing sooner, because I know I liked sewing even back then but sewing for people is boring and I never thought to try for the dolls!xD Your DoD doll yellows more then your others, so make sure to cover his legs up more.

      Really though, I have zero regrets. I didn't break or ruin any dolls aside from slight uneven yellowing on one of them, I had fun getting the dolls I had and now I'm getting dolls I love even more, and trying faceups was fun, even if I sucked, learned I hated it, and then had dolls without faceups/lame faceups for 10 years!xD
    12. Do not leave a tan doll where it will be exposed to direct sun, even if it's only occasionally. And don't buy a doll who's head is so small she looks like a doll with the others.
    13. Don't text photos of your dolls to your mother or anyone else who doesn't share your passion. You might get a reply like, "Um, wake up and join the real world!" and then you will feel silly and quite guilty for buying yourself dolls instead of saving for retirement, stocking up on emergency supplies, or something "real world-ish". And don't worry and stress so much about SUPER spoiling your daughter with a Mystic kids Lillian for Christmas. Her reaction was priceless and worth it. Tears, speechlessness, and total shock. It made the best Christmas ever and really it wasn't too much to spend on something that will help preserve a 14 year olds imagination who isn't quite ready to grow up like her other friends.
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    14. Go for Volks right away. They're not too expenisve when you know where to get them (*cough* Mandarake *cough*).
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    15. Do not impulse buy! That goes for dolls and doll accessories like eyes, shoes, and wigs. You will have a mountain of this stuff you need to get rid of, but will be too lazy to make a zillion individual sales posts so it will never get sold. (2017 goals: sell some eyes, wigs, and shoes!)
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    16. Don't acquire so many floating heads. Get those poor souls faceups and bodies.
    17. I kind of feel like my experiences have shaped my collection for the better, but if I had to say...
      I'd tell past me what purchases I should have held off on, so I wouldn't have two extra dolls gathering dust. Also, do not try painting dc carol one last time before giving up and selling! Carol is not for you and you end up leaving the poor thing stained.
    18. "Look, I know you don't get the appeal of them now, and you'd rather have the pretty limited one, but you should get those popular CP/Luts dolls, because they're going to be unavailable by the time you actually want them, and you're just going to fail at bonding with the pretty limited and sell it anyway." :)

      Realistically, though, I think the only actual advice I might have for myself is "don't try to find a cheaper way out when saving up a bit more will get you something perfect instead of something you just won't be happy with in the end."
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    19. Be more patient,and make sure to be more careful with fragile doll fingers! I have had a finger break and also used to get a bit upset with having to wait,or when doing wigs and faceups,but now I am much more patient with the crafting parts,and do not get upset if something gets "Messed up",but I once literally ripped up a wig only for that to actually make it where I could fix it before I knew of the cut and glue in parting method.
    20. Don't buy a doll because it suits a character you just made if you wouldn't have bought the doll otherwise. You'll lose interest in the doll when you stop developing the character.

      The kind of doll you really want will actually exist in a few years, so stop picking "the most ___ of what's available" dolls.

      Actually, buy the Resinsoul, it's the only mold on your maybe list you'll still want in the future after your tastes change and you've sold your ~non-cheap~ (but still not quite what you wanted) dolls.
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