Advillage/ Doll Village

Jun 4, 2021

    1. Has anyone heard of a bjd brand called Advillage/Doll Village? They seem to have mostly YOSDs.
      I found them on Instagram under the name Advillage, they have a Taobao and a website.
      They have the cutest YOSDs!!! All of they sculpts look so precious <3 I just can’t find any owner picks, and they don’t seem to be mentioned on DOA.

      Has anyone bought from them? Know what their bodies are like? Any owner photos?
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    2. I'm curious as well! I've been following them on Instagram, and their dolls are super adorable.
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    3. I found a website but I have not seen much about them either. The website has a bunch of social media links too. If you search the hashtag dollvillage on Instagram there are images from other users.
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    4. They are so cute! and I noticed they don’t charge extra for they’re tan skin. I’m very tempted by their sculpts XD

      thank you! I’m was thinking they might sell mainly in Asia. Yet, they have a English website so they must have a decent market in the Americas.
    5. They have a fairly active FB page as well, but it seems mostly photos. They have an English website, and their prices seem in line with most other cast Yo-size dolls. Interesting. The number of sculpts available and that some are sold out makes it seem like they've been active for a while, not sure why there are no owner pictures.

      EDIT: Ah, seems you can only order if you create a membership, but you can only log in after creating that membership when you receive an email with a login certificate. Which, after 20 minutes of waiting, I still haven't received. Inability to actually purchase would certainly be a stumbling block to having owner pictures.
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    6. I have managed to find some owner picks on Instagram. And even an unboxing on YouTube by Inordi hearts. It does seem to be mostly owners from Asia. Perhaps it wasn’t until recently that they started marketing outside of Asia?

      That a little disheartening. The only other way to purchase is through Taobao, and I find that even harder to navigate. Thank you for doing a deep dive into the company!
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    7. Yes, it's a shame. I have one in my cart, but can't actually purchase it. Even two hours later, I haven't received this "certificate", so perhaps they're not actually conducting sales to the US yet. I've messaged them on FB, so we'll see what they say.

      EDIT: Okay, I got an answer: "Our website payment system is under maintenance so please place your order through email: [email protected] thank you!" When I asked for an estimation of when it might be finished, they said it was uncertain and suggested ordering via email again.

      Personally, I'm going to wait until their website is finished with maintenance because I've been burned in the past. I'm in no hurry, so I don't need to take the risk. YMMV
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    8. I also stumbled on A Doll Village through instagram, I think someone I follow owns some. They are SO precious, I love how they have a whole line of adorable vampires. :D (I'm even tempted by one of their MSD girls, but she has an SD size head! Drat.)

      I also signed up for their website but never got any confirmation email. I ended up contacting them via facebook about layaways; They offer 3 month layaways, with 50% upfront and then 25% and 25% payments. Communication is a little rough/scarce via email, I don't think they have the best overseas/English translator? But I managed to place an order and get an emailed receipt. I did ask them to confirm they received my payment and they did, so that was nice. I think if I was in a hurry I might ask questions on their FB over their email.

      The shipping directly from them was a staggering $72.00 USD though, so if I order from them again I might try asking CloverSinging if she can proxy for me, for my wallet and my commination anxiety. :sweat CloverSinging/Christina is great for proxy services btw, if anyone is seriously tempted- they have a Taobao so it shouldn't be an issue.

      But aside from all that I'm madly in love with the sculpt I bought, sooo let's hope it all turns out alright! I bought the limited Half closed eyes Lola vampire in Tan (which was shockingly cheap, a mere 10$ extra.) with the vampire parts and some shoes. I apparently qualified for a gift pair of hands and a sleeping faceplate too (Which softened the sting of shipping a little lmao..) :frownyblush:

      I guess we'll see how it goes, I haven't seen much about their turnaround time so I can post again when I finish they ship her.
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    9. Bought dollvillge dolls before love the packaging , transaction went really well, very happy with purchase . My dolls came with a dolly bag and doll box. My favorite company for excellent packaging bec. I love the doll bag soo pretty
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    10. I just love the Lola Sculpt!! You’ll have to share pictures when they come in! The sleeping faceplate sounds like it will be sooo cute!
      Thank you for all the information! I have asked Clover singing before and they have confirmed that they can order the dolls through Taobao ^^ I can’t wait to see yours!
    11. As requested, Lola is here after 4 months as promised!! :D




      I actually made an arrival thread about her since there's so little about ADV, for anyone who wants to see the full unboxing! They've been teasing so many cute sculpts, I want to generate interest!!
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    12. Oh wow they are gorgeous!!!! The quality looks so nice and the sculpting is beautiful!!! I’m so happy to see owner photos. Thank you so much for posting!
    13. Hi all! Does anyone here happen to know what their taobao store is? I'm trying to help Christina at Cloversinging find it. I'm going to use her as a proxy. Thank you!
    14. Did you ever get this to work?
    15. Based on the links on their weibo it's here

      I bought a tan Youwu with them directly but I think I will use an SS to buy eyes and a wig from them so I can report back how well it goes using their taobao if people are unsure...
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    16. I never heard from Christina again from Cloversinging :(
    17. Darn!
    18. Hi all!

      Since it seems difficult to purchase an Advillage doll via their website or through a proxy, I decided to message them on their Instagram account to see if they’re open to international sales, and they said yes! I sent them a link to the doll I wanted with face up & eyes, and they emailed me an invoice and told me to just pay via PayPal and give them my address. Finger’s crossed that this works. I’ll update you all in a few months when I (hopefully) receive my Lola!
    19. @Sheyda yay!! Lola is so cute!! Was the instagram correspondence easy to communicate with and easy enough to pay for? I had a bit of stress doing it over email. Also, was your shipping quote upwards of 70$? I really want to order a few more small things but the shipping was brutal!! I was hoping a proxy would help cut that down. :sweat maybe it wouldn't be as bad without a doll box this time...
    20. Yeah, it was really easy! They responded to me within 24hrs. They asked for my email address and emailed me the invoice, and told me to pay to specific PayPal account. I went to the PayPal site and paid there, took a screenshot of my payment and sent the image to them on Instagram to let them know I paid.

      They did make a small mistake in forgetting to add eyes to my order, so they had to send me a second $40 invoice for that. But it was just a small hiccup. And yeah, shipping was a doozy. *_* $84…