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Aerial BJD 1/4 Discussion

Jan 23, 2017

    1. This is the for the discussion of 1/4 size Aerial BJDs.

      There are currently 2 sculpts for 1/4 size, Eva and Aaliyah.

      Specs for 1/4 Aerial dolls:

      Doll Height : 16 inch (40 cm)
      Head Types : Aaliyah & Eva.
      Skin Colors : White Ivory, Honey Milk, Light Yellow, Doll's Pink, Asian Peach, Light Tan, Tan, Dark Tan, Chocolate Black & Pale Blue.
      Breast Types : AA cup, A cup, B cup, C cup, F cup (Bombshell) & Succubus (Ibuki) .
      Wig Size : 6 - 7 inch
      Head Perimeter : 6 inch (15.3 cm)
      Eye Size : 10mm - 12mm

      Link to official website - http://aerial-bjd.com/
      Etsy sales page for Aerial BJD - - AERIAL BJD - BJD create and selling. by AERIALBJD
      Link to colors currently offered by Aerial BJD - http://aerial-bjd.com/new-16inch-bjd-en/skin-colors-en.html
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    2. These remind me of the Angel Philia girls. All the photos have the legs covered, are their knees double jointed? Do they have heel feet?
    3. The samples of colors has a uncovered pic of their legs. http://aerial-bjd.com/new-16inch-bjd-en/skin-colors-en.html . As far as the feet go. Judging by the boots they are shown in ( which can easily find on eBay and other bjd dealer sites). I would have to say no.
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    4. Does anybody here own one of these dolls? I' not in the market to buy one anytime soon but they are interesting looking and their price I s very reasonable.
    5. I just got one today. And she is amazing.
    6. @margitan Congratulations. :celebrate Do you have any pictures or videos? How is the posing?
    7. i picked up a kit version of one of these recently, will report when she arrives. i've seen nothing but good reviews on them, there just aren't many out there for some reason. there are almost no owner pics or even pics of faceupped dolls. the only thing i think is odd about her is the way the upper torso joint is kind of flared outward, it seems like it could be chippy or get caught on stuff but we'll see.

      (it's rare to be able to find kit dolls at all nowadays and it's a great deal, btw. there are lots of breast size options. could be a nice choice for all sorts of 1/4 hybrids.)
    8. I just bought Kit A version of Aaliyah today! I was going to opt for Kit B at first, but I was too scared to do the sanding myself, and since I do actually care quite a bit about seamlines, I decided to choose the version that comes without them. I'd love to see owner pictures of Aerial BJDs. I love their body shapes as well as the head sculpts and I'm not quite sure why these girls aren't more popular. Can't hardly wait until I receive my doll :)!
    9. yesss! mine is Eva, so that's one of each for others to check out!

      there was a post in the BJD Addicts facebook group about AERIAL today as well, so hopefully a few more people will be inspired take the plunge.
    10. Is there anyone who has these dolls and say, any Withdolls or Souldolls for comparison?

      I've been contemplating one for awhile, and I just noticed they offer blue resin now, so I'm super tempted to take the plunge on maybe a kit in blue! I'm not exactly sure what she would look like proportionally next to my other dolls, though, since it's so hard to find owner photos of them? I know she takes a similar wig and eye size, so it's promising, but the scale can differ simply on how it's sculpted, so measurements aren't always the best indication... I have no idea why they aren't more popular, though; they're pretty, super reasonably priced, and of the little I have heard of them, it's always been positive.
    11. I own an Eva kit B:D, here's my review on my insta. I finally have time to work on her right now. You'll definitely need to switch the strings provided and/or suede her otherwise she'll be flopping around.

      She looks good with other msds as long as we don't see her full side profile haha.
    12. Ohhh thanks so much for this review!
      Do you plan on doing any photo comparisons later? :D
    13. So glad that there's finally a review on this doll. Thank you so much! I think mine will arrive within this month, so when I get my Aaliyah, I'll suede and wire her body and post some reviews of how she stands/poses after sueding :)
    14. oh wow awesome to see so many new posts here! :D hope to have mine to add to the mix soon.
    15. same! i kept coming across them and not seeing any reviews and they pop up in my recommendations on etsy all the time. i was always particularly drawn to the bodies so i decided to just go for it when i saw a kit option which is my favorite. when the sculptor messaged me about the order i started chatting with them a bit and they're way cool. no one who has one of these dolls really has any substantial complaints, i've never seen a single thing i could call a negative review. seems like just a lesser known indie maker who hasn't had much exposure, of which there are a few on etsy.

      this artist also did a 1/6 doll at one time that was really adorable, i recall seeing one or two positive reviews for her as well and a review where someone lamented that she was no longer made.


      (also if you like neat photos of the casting process, the AERIAL site has quite a few of them! nice techy setup, pristine clear silicone molds, cool to look at)
    16. Oh wow thanks for posting this! SO cute :D
    17. as of now still waiting for her, though i can't say it's anywhere near the longest wait i've experienced... :XD:
    18. I bought an Aaliyah B Kit in tan skin back in January. I ordered her with the C-cup. I'm still waiting for her. Satoshi is really kind, and offers great customer service. I'm so happy other people have ordered dolls from him, and I hope we all can share more pictures soon.
    19. This dude seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth with a trail of unfulfilled orders in his wake.