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Afraid of black wigs?

Apr 24, 2007

    1. this may souns silly, but is anyone else afraid of black wigs? Afraid may not be the word, but even though I see other people's dolls looking good in them, I just don't think mine can... It's weird, one of my dolls even came with a black wig in a fullset, but I still dont let her wear it! I tried it on all the other dolls too, but none of them looked good in it, beyond that, even when I see one for sale, I can never imagine any of my dolls looking good in it... is it really odd?
    2. Perhaps it's all down to the face up?
      None of my dolls have black wigs but I have tried them on and it does look awful because they all have very light browny/pink face ups. Because if this, I'm wary of dark wigs since it won't even match their eyebrows without be getting them new face-ups >__<
    3. I've been afraid of them that way - whether a doll with light-colored faceup with light eyebrows will look ok with a black wig. I also worry a bit about whether a black wig on a pale-skinned doll will make her harder to photograph without overexposure. I have a little white-skin Banji girl with a black wig and dress that I cannot get a decent photo of. And lastly, I never leave any dark wigs on my dolls becuase I worry about staining.

      When I do buy a black wig, I prefer off-black when I can get it, if I want the wig to look more like natural black hair.

      Generally I love photos of other people's dolls in black wigs.

    4. I have several that have black wigs, but I had planned them for their characters. I have one doll that I really didn't think would look good in a wig that dark until I put one on her--now I think it's my favorite wig for her so far. I haven't had any trouble with staining so far *knocks on wood*
    5. I don't like black wigs for all the reasons that people have named -- 1. I worry about staining and since I am new I wouldn't know how to get the stains out. 2. I tend to like the pink faceups and I don't think my dolls look good in black wigs. 3. I tend to like dolls that resemble my children so I like redheads, blondes and brunettes (grandchild). It was very interesting to get other people's opinion as well. Barb. (in L.A.)
    6. I have one doll with a couple black wig and have never had any problems with it. It suits him just perfectly and he tends to look weird in a lot of other styles. I jokingly put a blond wig on him and it didn't look right at all.

      My dolls are all in a range from white to blond to brunette and black. I'll probably get at least one more doll with black hair, probably a girl with long black hair, so it's not anything that I have a problem/concern with. Vinegar rinses can help I've heard if you're concerned about staining.
    7. I think jet black is a difficult colour to wear because it's so stark. It's not one of those colours you can put on any doll and expect to always look good. On two of my dolls, black wigs look horrible, without fail. That said, I do have one doll who is happily black-haired, so it's just a matter of having a doll whose face-up will match the hair colour, I expect. :-)
    8. The majority of my dolls have either black hair or white, so... no. I'm not afraid of it. :D So far I've been lucky with the staining question. The only wig that's given us any trouble at all was one of Teacup's, and it was eggplant purple.
    9. It's all in the eyebrows ;3

      If the doll's eyelashes and eyebrows are NOT black, they won't look good in a black wig.

      However, if a doll's eyelashes and eyebrows ARE black, they'll look good in more wig colours, including black.

      ;) It's colour and aesthetics theory <3
    10. I just been afraid of stains, but most my dolls lean to the pale colors anyways
    11. I think that it's all a matter of the faceup really. I think that with my girl's very pale natural faceup and caramel eyebrows a black wig would look bad. But with a bit of eyeliner and dark eyebrows most dolls can carry off a black wig I think.

      My little sister's doll has a cheap black wig and hasn't had any problems with staining yet, so I don't really worry about it. ^_^;
    12. I'm in the minority that ADORES brown brows with black wigs. As a matter of point - my boys ONLY wear black. And all but one of them is beauty white skintone!!! I just love the look of black wigs.
    13. I just love the dark look on bjds... black clothes, long black hair, unnaturally pale skin, blue or green eyes... :drool Too many vampire movies perhaps? :lol:

      I'm sooooo going to get a black wig for my boy :lol:

      But not all dolls look good in black, as many have said before it's really a matter of the colours used in the faceup and also some molds look too innocent or young to have that dark look while others just look surprisingly well...
    14. all of my boys and girls are in either black, white or silver wigs - so I'm not too afraid of it at all. I think I have a thing for base colors - black and whites being the major of them.

      I also have a thing for beauty white skin tones and since most of mine are BW and half of those have black hair no matter what the faceup, it's not something I hesitate with as long as it works.

      I do think it depends on the look of the doll, the faceup and even the character you've assigned them. Megumi is a NS and has her default black hair - her faceup is pretty gothic, Fuan is a BW and has soft browns and tans in his faceup and still has black hair <-- both work perfectly for them despite how different they are. It prolly has alot to do with the styles and all that - if you have a dorrie that fits the style, it'll work, if not it won't [take Jenova, BW with dark faceup, but he wouldn't "work" with anything other than white hair, just like Megumi wouldn't "work" with anything other than black hair <-- both are just them]

      Edit to add as a side note - Fuan doesn't even have eyebrows and yet black works with him perfectly, so I'd have to disagree with the theory that black eyebrows are the only way a black wig would work -haha
    15. I LOVE black wigs. I'm not that worried about stains. In fact, most of my girls have black wigs. The only one of my girls who I know doesn't look good with black is Willow. All the others look great with it.
    16. I have lots of dollies with black hair, I love it ^^
      I don't care for bright unrealistic colors though, like green or blue (though oddly I like pink hair). Those colors I just couldn't imagine ever looking good on any of my dolls.

    17. hmm.. I don't have anything against black wigs.
      I think it all comes down to the type of face-up and a doll.
      I have about 12 dolls and in my opinion some of my dolls only looks
      good/natural in light color wigs and some look only good in dark(black)
      wigs. For example, my Jun Tachibana only wears black wig because
      I personally think Juns look only good in a black wig.
      but then again, I see many Juns with light colored wigs.
    18. I agree with Doll-mage, it does come down to the eyebrows and lashes.
    19. It seems like black is the most popular wig colour.. However, the faceup needs to be a certain way for them to look good, IMO.
    20. I have to disagree that the eyebrows have to be black for it to look good. ^^' My Yder has had a black wig for a long while, and he has dark brown eyebrows. I actually don't like the look of black eyebrows with any wig colour. It doesn't look natural to me.

      (My current Shou-Ryu also can wear black and he has much lighter brown eyebrows, but it suits him SO well.)