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After selling doll - post, don't post/keep/toss their photos?

Oct 21, 2017

    1. After you've sold a doll how long do you keep photos of them? Do you toss them? Keep on a disc?
      I have so many group photos with dolls I no longer own. Is it okay to post photos of them even if you don't own them any more?
    2. I think that's up to you. I never keep photos of the dolls I have sold, and as soon as I sold them I delete the photos from my Flickr. I keep the photos I used for the selling thread for about two weeks just in case there is a problem I can proved the condition the doll was in when I sold it. Then after that time I delete the pictures.

      But the reason I always delete all the photos is because I don't want to look back and regret selling the doll because at the moment I'm sure it was the right decision, but I don't want to spend my time feeling sad or whising I had never sold them. So for me deleting the photos it seems as a good idea. Also because of space on my Flickr account t LOL
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    3. Hmm good question, I think it is definitely up to you. In my opinion, let's say I wanted to show a doll picture to someone that wants to know about it but you don't own it anymore, I'd just put disclaimer like "hey this isn't mine but I have a picture". I think it's okay to post photos with disclaimers and probably just archive them, because you did buy them and own them for that X amount of time lol. Usually can just make them into a compressed folder (.rar file) on your computer and just put them safely away
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    4. I think it's okay to keep and occasionally post pictures of a doll you sold, the way you customized it was yours, after all. Generally something like "I've since rehomed x" or "My old doll" in a tag is fine to me.
      Personally, I delete all my pictures of my old dolls after selling, for the most part. But I sell dolls if I can't bond or realize I don't like them. Why would I keep pictures of a doll I didn't like?
    5. It really doesn't matter that you sold the doll. They're your pictures, so do what you want with them! Total nonissue.
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    6. I think it's perfectly fine to keep images of dolls you previously owned! You did own it at one point in time and took the pictures as well, so I don't understand why you need to get rid of the photos unless your tastes have drastically changed, photography skills have gotten a lot better, etc... I think the only issue would be if you are claiming that you currently own the doll that is no longer in your possession.
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    7. I keep them for the most part.
      Sometimes ppl ask about pics of dolls I once owned and I gladly provide pics I have and info I might be able to give. I tend to mention that I no longer own the doll, to avoid raising hopes that I could take particular shots that they might be interested in.

      As has been said, it's generally up to you.
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    8. I keep all of the photos I took with dolls, some are still posted up on deviant art. I just add the caption that I no longer owns it. Photography is a form of art and I don’t think removing it or deleting them is right, it’s like cutting up or destroying Mona Lisa.
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    9. Totally agree with @Cloudsorano, I don't see the problem with keeping or posting photos of your old dolls. The doll was yours, after all. For me, it would be like saying "Remember that fantastic photo I took of my beautiful old car? What a pity I can't post it anywhere anymore because I sold it and it's not mine anymore." It just makes no sense to me.
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    10. Thank you all this helps me a lot. It's kind of like I thought, that the photos themselves are indeed artwork of the doll I used to have. I would never claim to still own it.
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    11. If I really liked the doll, just got bored with it or the character and sold it, then I usually keep a few pictures of it. If I've totally lost interest in it and never felt all that attached, I don't.
    12. I tend to keep them, mostly because I'm too lazy to reorganize or delete them LOL. I usually saved all the photos on an external hard disk so space isn't too much of a concern to me... yet. IMO, it would be a bit of a waste to delete your photos after you've spent so much time taking them, and also if some of those photos still contain dolls you have. Unless you only have had bad memories with the sold dolls, I think it's nice to keep those photos for remembrance purpose. I may not own the dolls anymore but there are good memories of them that I can sometimes look back on when I see the photos. I just don't go around actively reposting or sharing the old photos for no reason unless I need to, like if someone ask a specific question about the doll I might still be able to answer with the photo, etc. :)
    13. I have not sold any BJD but other dolls and I have deleted all the pictures of them as my way of letting them go completly.
    14. I've only ever sold a doll once and a head once but it never even crossed my mind to delete the pictures of them. One of my favorite doll photos I've taken was of the one I let go. It's still a memory of our time together, even if I never bonded with her. If I ever wanted to share those photos, I see no reason not to.
    15. I keep them. That way, if someone comes along and asks for a photo of X, and one of my former crew happens to be an X, I can post those pics for them.

      I don't see any reason to get rid of the images just because I got rid of the doll, because *UNLIKE* dolls, image files don't take up valuable cabinet space. :lol:

      I do tend to note that I don't own the doll anymore on database entries, though, and I always take them out of the profiles collection and off of my "dolls owned" list.
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    16. When you did these photos, sold doll belonged to you. Because I think that keeping pics is normal. But it`s the individual solution.
    17. I actually get very frustrated when people delete doll photos online. I often search through DoA or flickr to get references of doll hybrids, height comparisons, what wig or eye sizes look right on a head, etc., or just to see how people have styled a doll I'm thinking about ordering. Broken images in the Sold Dolls Archive are really frustrating too when I'm trying to determine the value of something.

      I keep all my photos on my computer. If someone needs a reference of something I used to own, I like being able to provide that. And I keep all my pictures I've posted online up, except for sale pictures which I make private (that way they're not visible on my flickr feed, but the images remain intact on DoA's archive).

      Sometimes looking at photos of my old dolls can be a little sad. I rarely regret selling them, but even when I don't regret it I still feel nostalgia about many of them. However, I appreciate other people's old doll photos that are still online so I leave mine up as well.
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    18. My take is that the pictures are your property so as long as you still like how they fit into your photo feed (like, your style hasn't changed drastically since you sold the doll and you're unhappy with how they look there) I think it's perfectly fine to keep pictures up :)
    19. I tend to keep the photos that I still like on my flickr and dA. It's been awhile since I've sold a doll and my photography has improved considerably since then, so I don't have a lot of photography of my old dolls posted online. I typically only post my favorite photos that I feel capture the feeling and style I was going for, so old photos also end up getting weeded out. But I don't see any reason why the past owner can't have photos of the doll posted; it's perfectly fine in my opinion :)
    20. I'd NEVER just get rid of my doll photos! I will have to sell the dolls someday when I'm old & decrepit, and under no circumstances will I get rid of the photo books & all the photo stories etc I've done!!!! Good grief, why in the world would I do that?
      I keep the photos (and use them) of all the outfits I've made, for swaps or trades or to sell - again, my handiwork so WHY would I ever get rid of it!