Age of your characters as dolls

Feb 22, 2018

    1. Hi all, I'm wondering what age you tend to think of for your adult characters? I have an idea brewing for an older woman (think hermit forest witch) but I'm struggling to think through what that would look like, perhaps because I have seen very few dolls who appear to be old. So, how old do you think of your dolls? if you have a doll with "old lady" faceup I would love to see it!
    2. It's hard to use dolls for some older aged characters or imagery, because there often have to be mods or the right faceup for most dolls to look older than 45 at the most, and many more are teens with baby faces- it's the Asian Aesthetic thing. Artists want to make beautiful dolls and in most of Asia, "beautiful" means soft rounded or narrow jawed smooth faces with big eyes, narrow noses, and no wrinkles or signs of age or maturity. Pretty but not exactly realistic.
      Generally speaking, the more realistic a company's sculpts, the more likely you are to have a structure you can paint age onto, like visible bone shapes and wrinkles. A lot of a doll's perceived age can be in the faceup. Here's a thread about Mature Faceups.
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    3. Thanks for the link! I appreciate it.
    4. That’s a tough one, I guess it depends on how mature you want the character to be? I’ve had the idea for a similar character but am getting a few dolls in other sizes before deciding on that one character since I know she’ll need some mods at least. That Mature Faceups link is great though, good luck!!
    5. Try

      Les Enfants Terribles
      Dragon Shell Doll
      CedarHeart Lillian
      Whispering Grass

      Most of my dolls appear under 40-50 (not really sure how old a couple are) and the youngest is 11.

      I try to base age on how mature the character behaves and how I want them to be treated by others (sometimes very young or old people are more likely to be written off.

      I probably do skew rather heavily toward middle aged as I’m not very old myself. I am a bit self conscious of describing the few much older characters I have convincingly, as I haven’t been there myself!
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    6. My oldest female doll character is Katherine Valentine (Iplehouse EID Raffine) at 32.

      Up until Rania, I considered Raffine to be one of their more mature sculpts, but Rania can definitely pull past the 40s to 50s.

      I don't own a Rania sculpt, but if I did she would probably be the oldest.
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    7. I have a character who's 35, but she's supposed to look quite young for her age. She's shelled as a Raccoon Doll Mika.

      I think a lot of Iplehouse and Granado sculpts can pull off looking older. At some point, Iplehouse made an older faceup for their sculpt Omar for promo photos. He could pull it off! :)

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    8. My youngest is 3, my oldest (not shelled yet - he’s difficult) will be 40. He’s difficult to find a sculpt for because he’s that age but still rather soft featured: most mature sculpts seem to be more macho looking. I’m even verging on the idea of getting my own sculpt of him cast, because I can’t find anything that’d work.
    9. My adult dolls are my SD crew, who range from 17 to 23. I do have one MSD who is 29, but he doesn’t fit in with the others. He was my first doll before I realized I prefer SD and he was 19 when I got him and I just let his character age naturally. My tinies are newborn to 7 years.

      So far, I haven’t had a need for an aging character. My oldest shelled characters ever weren’t even 40, so it wasn’t hard to find sculpts that worked. Personally, I think a lot of Minimee heads would be great for older characters since they have more defined lines in the face. A faceup that highlights those lines would be great!
    10. I feel like I see more boy dolls that can look older than girl ones without having to mod.

      My OC dolls are like 30 or below. I tend to write characters my age. Two characters are part of a story that covers them from college to young adulthood. My eldest character isn't that old looking because he is young looking for his age and from a comic with more stylized proportions so his face is like 30% eyes.

      My dolls based on other characters and celebs are a bit older, especially if you go by actor age. My Elder Price doll, the character is 19, but the actor is 31. My Thomas Barrow doll, Downton Abbey covers like 13 years of story and the character is 20 to 30 ish and the actor was 30-something during the show.
    11. I don't have my first doll yet (still waiting), but I was thinking a lot about his personality. I think he is quite young (16-17 years old) but he will grew up and become an adult.
    12. My dolls have so far been between their late teens and early 30s, with the youngest being 18 and the oldest at 30. Most of my dolls are male SDs so fall in the mid-late 20s range in my head.
    13. ...A...hahahaha... Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person with old characters in this hobby. Among the dolls at home:

      Satoru, Switch Milhwa: 44
      Keiichi, Crobi Hobin Daydream: 42
      Kohei, 5th motif Venitu: 40
      Yasuo, Soom Mecha Angel York: 40
      Kiyomi, Fairyland Feeple60 Shushu (Nanuri '18): 38
      Akira, Ringdoll Norman Light v2: 36
      Kentarou, Switch Yiho: 35
    14. My only human bjd is 22. (Doll Leaves Maya), as my other doll's character is an ageless fallen angel (Doll Love Kaja).
      I'm not sure what age I'm making my Doll Chateau Larry as he doesn't actually have a character just yet, but I'm loving seeing the variety of ages people's characters are!

      I'm sure if you're in SD size dolls, it'd be easier to find more mature sculpts and with the right faceup I definitely think you could make an elderly looking doll, or a middle-aged doll as well.
    15. My dolls are generally within +-5 years of my own age (22), and that will probably continue as i get older and my collection grows. Theres some very talented people on here and instagram that you could possibly commission to add age (with modifying the sculpt or just makeup) to any sculpt :D I've seen mostly males with older facial features personally, good luck on your search! ^.^
    16. I've got a few w/older face-ups - one w/a grandma one. My dolls range in age from 1 to 85, with 2 couples in their early 30s, 3 in their late 40s/early 50s, 3 (unrelated) in their late 50s/early 60s & 4 actually aged (75+).
    17. My only dolls who are supposed to be older than mid 30's are elves and fairies, who still look like their in their 20's or 30's.
    18. I depende my doll age on look and personality!! But personally i usually like dolls in the 20's age line
    19. Most of my dolls are children or adolescents. I have a couple of adults ones, but I never gave them a specific age.
    20. All of my SD boys and girls are in their early 20s. My "oldest" would be Genesis (5 Star Tumnus) and Dora-Maude (Resinsoul Dai) who are married with two children. Since their kids are aged 7 and 5, I imagine Genesis to be about 27 and Dora-Maude to be 26.

      My Minifees and Littlefees are ageless cuz they are elves.