agghkkkkkk new Dobigi Alice on Luts

May 17, 2007

    1. It appears they'll possibly have more outfits:

      *dies* The gothic black/white one would look so good! I want the blue alice now ;-;
    2. They're approx. 6.7" tall. That puts them between Banji and Lucy. Banji is approx. 5.7" and Lucy is 7.5".
    3. I think they would swim in Blythe or Licca! Even though they might be able to wear some Blythe shoes, their bodies are a lot smaller! And they are a bit over 1/2 the height of Blythe.

      Dobigi Alice
      Tall: 17cm (6.7 inches)
      Head: 2.5 inches
      Chest : 6.5cm
      Waist: 4cm
      Hips : 6.9cm
      Length of back : 2cm

      Tall: 28 cm (Licca: 23cm?)
      Bust: 10.5cm = 4-1/8"
      Waist: 7.5cm = 2-3/4" (Licca: 7cm)
      Hip: 10.5cm = 4-1/8" (Licca: 9.75cm)
      Torso (shoulder-waist): 3.5cm = 1-3/8" (Licca: 4cm)

      Dawn is closer:
      Tall: 6-7 inches depnding on vintage
      Bust 7 cm
      Waist 4 cm
      Hips 7.5 cm

      BTW - I sent an email to Dobigi asking if they both have the same head mold, and if their makeup is different (but in much simpler sentences). I don't know if I will get an answer.

    4. petitieloli- Can you provide a link or way to get to where the clothes for Dobigi Alice are shown? The only clothes I can find are the ones they create for SD-size dolls. I saw one outfit by Dobigi at Dollmore and others on the Dobigi site - but I saw none for Alice.

      And all -

      I got answers to my questions to Dobigi. It sound like they are bothe same head mold, and their faceups will be the same in production - both will have the faceup of Red Alice. (Is that what everyone else thinks Dobigi is saying?). Right now, if you look closely, their faceups are different in the photos - Blue Alice has a different lipcolor and perhaps lighter brows.

      ----- questions

      Is Blue Alice head mold same as Red Alice head mold?

      Is Blue Alice makeup different from Red Alice makeup?

      ----- answer

      Thank you very much for your interesting in our dolls.

      Alice blue card and Alice red time is same face and same type.
      Please refer to red time's make up and face.
      if you order alice blue card, make-up is like as red time's.

      and the product include doll, cloth, wig, eye, make-up all things like as photos, only exclude shoes.

      if you have any question, please send email, we will answer.

      Thank you

    5. I tried to get verification on that part last night, but I think she misunderstood me this time.

      ----- questions

      Thank you for your answers.

      1. To check my understanding... Blue Alice makeup will be the same as Red Alice makeup photos?

      2. Will Dobigi make other clothing for Dobigi Alice?

      Thank you,

      ----- answers (first may one be true ordering from them - she did not know where I live)


      1. if you want make-up red time or blue card, we can make what you want, pls let me know what you want.

      2. we will make clothes for alice continuously, dont worry ^^

      Dobigi is Koean company, let us know where are you from?


      ----- new questions
      Hi Jinny,

      I am from the USA. I will order Dobigi Alice at Luts. I belong to largest US/Europe BJD forum - Den of Angels. I am posting answers on forum, in Dobigi Alice topic.

      1. If order Alice Blue from Luts, which makeup style (Red or Blue) is default makeup

      2. Is Dobigi Alice composed of urethane resin?

      Thank you,
    6. OK - I think Dobigi's new answers are pretty clear. Blue and Red Alice both come with the Red Alice makeup by default. They are also the same head mold.

      As Jinny of Dobigi answered earlier, it sounds like they would be willing to give someone the Blue Alice makeup (as shown) on request. But it doesn't look like there is a way to specify that through Luts. And the Dobigi site appears to be Korean only.

      And the doll is made of resin and is ball jointed.

      ----- questions
      Hi Jinny,

      I am from the USA. I will order Dobigi Alice at Luts. I belong to largest US/Europe BJD forum - Den of Angels. I am posting answers on forum, in Dobigi Alice topic.

      1. If order Alice Blue from Luts, which makeup style (Red or Blue) is default makeup

      2. Is Dobigi Alice composed of urethane resin?

      Thank you,

      ----- answers

      Thank you for your email.

      1. the default makeup is red time's

      2. Alice is composed urethan resin and it is ball joint doll

      and very thanks posting Alice topic on forum.

      we are preparing Alice friend and clothes for Alice, coming soon, pls expect that^^

      if you have any inquiry, pls send email, will answer immediately...


    7. Got an answer from Dobigi for Tinybear and other who might want the Blue Alice makeup style (by default both will get the Red Alice faceup style):

      Hi! Carolyn

      if your friend want blue card's make-up, we can paint like that, don't worry.
      pls write on order note, want blue card's make-up.

      Luts let us know the memo about make-up.
    8. if they release a boy ...Im doomed
      ZigZig arrived today on charge

      ...lock up your credit cards ...she is awesome

      legs go on for miles ....mature body ...cross between and Elf /Banji and Lucy
      she is very styalised and anime/manga
      ...if you love those 3 ...and miniatures ..your doomed

      I call her ZigZig ...she looked like a little ALien without her wig

      THE smallest head I have ever seen ....Im gonna be challenged making wigs for her
      ...she is tiny

      I had a little trouble getting her to stand ...but its quite simple ...hold her feet on the flat surface and tilt the torso .....and then she will perfectly ...dosnt kick or collapse in a heap ...and sit OMG she is lovely

      her legs are amazing kicky leg at all ...the most beautiful feet and hands ..
      and such a gentle face ...I didnt get the face-up I asked for ...but I am not too bothered ,I soon forgot about that when I started to play with her ...she is such a poppet !
      the outfit is to die for !
      it has to be one of the nicest , best fitting tiny outfits I have ever seen
      ..I love Banji ...but when I bought him and one of the outfits ...I was very disapointed ..terrible fit huge shoes ...nothing about it fit ...
      I finnaly have a doll the Banji shoes will fit
      ....guess you want to see her now :)
    9. Im very distracted today
      ZigZig Unoa ...Oh yeah a ton of wigs Im having to catch up on because I only just recieved
      the pelts Ive been waiting a month for LOL

      ANY HOWS
      I have called her ZigZig (ZigZig Sputnik ....Im showing my age ...she remided me of some weird little
      alien without her wig and clothes LOL)
      This one is dreadfully out of focus ...but I wanted to show you how the headplate went on
      more pictures of her here
      she honestly has the feel of a very tiny larger BJD ....If you get my drift ?
    10. wow those knees!

      *pushes her little joong to go play with the nice girl now*
    11. the knees look a little weird ...especially in the photos
      in "real" they arnt so noticable ....dressed , you dont notice them at all

      I think they are the reason she isnt kicky , she has to be THE BEST tiny so far ...out of all of the tinys I have ever had

      for NO CRAZY LEG ...LOL she is fantastic ...and when she sits , she looks very realistic

      I love my Elf dolls ...but all of them are /were ,killer crazy leg and cureD a lot of the time by wireing or re-stringing Elf Hana Devil ...and Adel drive me nuts ...but its a fault I dont mind

      Banji ...the torso ...he is perminantly cocked to one side ...reminds me of H in CSI Minami LOL ...
      these are quirks I dont mind ...but Im just amazed this little one feels so rock solid
      and Nami my Lucy ...she flops about all over the place ...and I love her for it

      I will have to get a comparison photo of all 3
    12. Thanks for sharing the pictures Tinybear. I think I'm safe on this one. I'm not attracted to her profile and knees. Reminds me of those bendable wooden rulers.

      She is lovely and can pose a lot but not for my tastes I think. They did a nice job on hiding her ankle and wrist joints.
    13. Very cute! I cannot image painting lashes that tiny!

      How do her knees look in normal sitting position? And have you tried any Elfdoll clothes on her?

      OOoooo I feel I must have...

    14. Elf ...I would say almost a definate

      I will try now ...I want to get a comparison of Elf ,Banji and Lucy with her :)
    15. Oh gosh, she is so cute.

      Her head is so tiny!!! I'm really surprised to see how tiny her head is (and how big her ears are!). Thank you so much for sharing your little one with us, Tinybear.
    16. Yeah! Thanks tinybear. She is incredibly delicate. I preferred her face up in the company shots though (like you).
    17. Oh she is a cutie! I'd love to see a comparison of her next to other tinies, especially Lucy. Love how they painted her cute little face.
    18. What shoes is she wearing tinybear? And any progress on a comparison shot?