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AIBAKANEKO's Feedbacks(please leave one if you or I ever bought anything)

May 21, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      HI, i know this is too soon to make a feedback thread. but i feel liek it's needed... since imma post more clothes soon.. and tends to sell more stuff..
      In addition, it's for promotional purposes, my buyers gets free promotional items from me. ^^
      This is like a checklist list.

      anyways. If you ever Bought anything from the store. please leave your feedback. i would really apprieciate it.

      Thank you.:)
    2. hi ^.^ i bought a sweater from her and itis AMAZING! awesome shipping time and wonderful sweater
    3. 'Lo! I bought an outfit from L.O.E and the experience was wonderful all around! Here are just a few key things that are awesome about this seller:

      - VERY friendly
      - Fast shipping
      - Excellent communication
      - Quality product

      Thanks so much, aibakaneko, for being so wonderful! :3
    4. I just recieved my outfit from L.O.E. Very helpful, friendly and such a cute outfit. I love the fabric, its very modern but cute. Shipping was quick and the outfit was packed well.
    5. Received the forest maiden outfit; love it!! :D Thank you so much!!! ^___^
    6. I ordered three furs wigs from Joanne recently! She's a joy to do business with, my wigs were shipped promptly and are of great quality! I highly recommend L.O.E Creations!! :D
    7. excellent seller! shes fast and friendly with service, a great person to do business with!

      plus her clothes are amazing!
      im exceedingly pleased :)
    8. aibakaneko bought some boots from me, she paid straightaway, no problems, recommended to sell to! glad you liked the boots!
    9. Fast shipping and adorable little envelope. I'm planning to use the wig for Galen to do a Cloud cosplay and it looks wonderful! So soft and cute!
    10. just bought again, pleased!! extremely so! will buy again of course. :D
    11. omg dumb internets
    12. Bought an outfit from the Fall Collection. Fits very well on Melody. :D

      Also bought a furwig from her in the past. Very quick shipping and responses. ^__^
    13. ^^ I have just recieved the outfit aibakaneko gave me. She is really nice and is a fast seller. She ships the clothing very fast. She is a very fast at responding. And I will buy again of course! =3 The outfit looks great on my girl and its AMAZING and here is a pic of her:


      To view more, here's a thread for the rest of her pics :) :
    14. Prompt shipping, friendly and communicative + the outfit I bought was very cute ^_^ Excellent seller and I would buy from her again.
    15. Sorry I am so late in posting some feedback for you! We had a very excellent transaction where AIBAKANEKO was the buyer...thanks again!
    16. Thanks very much!!!
      Good buyer~~~~your girl is so lovely~~~~
      Anything new comes , I'll tell you again~~~Thanks a lot!!!
    17. Lovely person ~~~~
      Thank you very much! ~~~~I'll hope to buy you something again!~~~~

      Best wishes
    18. Good feedback!! ^_^

      Lovely buy to her ~

      the outfit is really beautiful and well done ^.^

      Thanks a lot!!!! *^___^*
    19. i got three fur wigs from aibakaneko!

      She's wonderful at communicating and my wigs are amazing! ^__^

      I'm so happy :D
    20. Awesome products! Wigs and clothes are well made and always have neat details. envelopes always come decorated ^^

      Fast shipping, easy and pleasant to deal with ^^