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Aidolls/Custom House Little Junior Clothing Database

Feb 18, 2011

    1. Measurements:
      Little Junior girl

      Neck circumference-7.5cm
      Chest circumference-16.3cm
      Waist circumference-13cm
      Hip circumference-16.5cm
      Wrist circumference-4.3cm
      RIght hand width-3cm
      Left hand width-3cm
      Ankle circumference-4.5cm
      Knee circumference-6.5cm
      Shoulder to wrist-10.5cm
      Elbow to wrist-5cm
      Naval to knee-12.5cm
      Knee to feet-10cm
      Shoulder width-6cm
      Shoulder width including arms-8cm
      Head size-6~7inch
      Feet size-5cm

      Little Junior boy

      Neck circumference-7.5cm
      Chest circumference-16cm
      Waist circumference-14.2cm
      Hip circumference-16.7cm
      Right hand width-2.5cm
      Left hand width-2.8cm
      Ankle circumference-6cm
      Knee circumference-7cm
      Shoulder to wrist-6.2cm
      Elbow to wrist-5cm
      Naval to knee-12cm
      Knee to feet-11cm
      Shoulder width-6.5cm
      Shoulder width including arms-9cm
      Head size-7inch
      Feet size-5.2cm

      Confirmed fit ~Companies:
      - Dollmore Narsha&Friends clothes (for boys and girls) Pic Pic
      - Minoruworld Junior clothes (for girls)
      - Friends2BMade (for boys) Pic
      - TY Girl tops and skirts (for boys and girls) Pic
      - Doll in Mind Outfits [for 30cm dolls] (for boys and girls) Pic
      - Certain outfits from Ken Dolls by Mattel pics (unfortunately trial and error) Pic
      - Certain outfits from Pullip Taeyang Pic

      Confirmed fit ~DoA seamstresses:

      Confirmed fit ~other sources:
      - Marsh's Pants (for boys and girls)

      Confirmed fit for shoes ~any source:
      - Kemper Dolls MSD shoes (for boys and girls - a bit on the big side) Pic

      Please contrubute more sources and post pictures of your finds on your dolls. Things that are helpful to include in your post:
      - name of company/seller
      - article's name (e.g. blue hoodie with star print, yellow skirt etc.)
      - fit for boys or girls or both
      - picture of your find on your doll
      - otional: rating ( * could be better, ** ok fit, *** pretty good fit, **** almost perfect fit, ***** top find)
    2. Reserved for more updates
    3. Horrible picture but it serves its funtion:
      - Company: Dollmore Narsha and Friends outfits
      - Narsha UFO hoodie (shown on the right)
      - fit for boys and girls (shown on a girl body)
      - rating:***** top find

      - Etsy seller: Guppy kisses
      - Teal shirt for MSD BJD 1/4 (shown on the left)
      - fit for boys and girls (shown on a boy body - yes, she's on the boy body ^^)
      - rating * could be better (though I didn't buy it for her in mind, it's really do big)
    4. marsh actually tailors leather pants for Litte Junior boys, they are made to fit~ :)

      FS Leathers - Pants and skirts for virtually any BJD!!

      I have Friends2BMade girl clothes for a Little Junior boy (modded to girl), they fit perfectly, but since Build-A-Bear no longer makes them, this is just a heads up :sweat The clothes marketplace may still have them occasionally

      Sample of a F2BM dress,

      TY Girl tops and skirts can be forced to fit too, sleeveless is a breeze, the ones with sleeves will be a little bit short since both the Little Junior and Yo can share tops and skirts will bust a seam. A dress may fit better though

      The Yeondu is wearing a TY Girl top, if it can fit her Little Junior will fit too :)
    5. [​IMG]

      On the left is my boy Paul wearing the Little Duke Narsha set from Dollmore. [ link ] It fits him perfectly and is very cute and well made.

      The boots he's wearing were a cheap find at Kemper Dolls - only $3.80 and they're super cute! They're a little big but stay on and he can stand in them easily, as you can see. :) [ link ]
    6. Question: Do the Friends to be Made pants fit them?
    7. Yes. My bad for not including that. I have two of it that Noel can wear, but you will need underwear for it to hold in place. Another annoying thing is the velcro at the back near the sides, it tends to pops open a bit when you make the doll sit down. :sweat
    8. Dug some old threads, here is a LJ girl in actual TY girl's clothing, while the post above it shows clothes from an off-topic doll who can share clothes with a LJ girl. I can not vouch for either clothes because I don't have an actual LJ girl

      This thread is dedicated to Friends 2B Made clothing that fit various dolls, but like mentioned earlier, they are not in production anymore and may pop up occasionally on the marketplace, just serve a picture guide of somesort :sweat
    9. I made a surprising discovery while playing around today - some clothing for 27 cm dolls like Ken and Pullip Taeyangs can fit! Not the pants, it seems, but here are a few photos of Paul in some tops. Bad lighting turned his eyes into black pits of despair, but at least you can see how the clothes fit. :lol:


      This is a tank top that came with one of my Taeyangs. It's actually a little big around the shoulders.


      A cute little Ken school uniform blazer. The arms are a bit short, but I think it still looks adorable on him.


      A Ken lab coat. Paul's my little doctor (A 16 year old doctor, he's like the 19th century Doogie Howser :lol:) so I'm really glad this fit him!
    10. I posted a gallery thread with some of my recent acquisitions here.

      The Kondoll sailor suit needed a little modification, but that could be my fault - when I ordered, they actually wrote and asked me what type of doll I had. I accidentally told them about my AoD boy instead, so it was made for that size. It's very possible they'll make smaller ones for these guys. :)

      The suit du-hast made was also a little big in some places - the shorts actually fit fine but I took up the sleeves on the shirt and jacket, and took in the sides of the shirt a little. It was made for standard MSD size so of course I expected I'd need to do a little sewing.

      And all the girl clothes fit him perfectly. :lol:
    11. Today I was looking through the clothing I had for my Pullip Taeyangs and decided to try a few pieces on Paul. Some things fit surprisingly well!


      This was a 1/6 scale WWII uniform I bought on eBay. The top fits perfectly. The trousers don't quite button and they were too short, so I hemmed them into shorts. With a long top you can't tell they aren't buttoned in front.


      The suit jacket and vest were both from a 1/6 outfit I bought on eBay and they fit pretty well. The jacket doesn't quite lay smoothly along the shoulders, but you can't really tell from the front. The vest actually fits perfectly. The shirt is for a Ken doll and the cuffs on the sleeves wouldn't go over his hands, so I just cut the sleeves off and now he can wear it under a jacket. :)
    12. A slightly odd addition... :lol:

      This outfit is from the Doll in Mind Eileen fullset. She's a 29cm vinyl bjd that's off topic for the forum. The dress is shorter on my Little Junior than on her, but it still fits!


      I'm glad to have a little occasional cross-dresser in the house so this cute set didn't go to waste :lol:
    13. Heart for Heart Dolls~!




      $16.99 at Toys R Us~!

      The clothing and the shoes both fit perfectly! As if it were made for them!
    14. [​IMG]
      I bought this originally for my tiny horde, but it become the LJs soon after. This is from Leeke. The length, width etc fits her nicely. The sleeves and the pants' legs can be pulled down, since Leeke designed it to bunch up like that.

      This set is from Volks Mini Dolfie Dream. The yellow jacket that comes with is will be over-sized. MSD sized clothes from Volks are hit and miss. I have another set from Volks that she can wear perfectly (albeit the slightly longer sleeves, making it look loose) and have tried on another set belonging to my friend. Both are for girls.

      Noel is on an older LJ boy body btw. I don't want would-be owners to be confused~ ;)
    15. Iplehouse KID clothes fit really nicely! Well the pieces I have on my LJ Icarus girl fit nicely. I'm sure other pieces would fit well also. :)