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( Aidolls ) Time Service - Super Bargin Price Sale for New Year

Jan 22, 2011

    1. Time Service - Super Bargin Price Sale for New Year

      January 23th~25th: 11:00 am~12:00am korea standard time
      January 22th~24th: 9:00 pm~10:00 pm Washington standard time
      (Must buy in time service series on www.aidolls.net)

      Below is event production informationЈє

      23th Production

      Bisou Ai: UU (45$)
      Ange Ai: Cheonga/Gaby (58$)
      Petite Ai: Hanael (68$)
      Little Junior: Wooju (72$)
      Junior Ai : Yeondu/Yeonu (78$)
      The Ai: Cebee/Cyn (98$)

      24th Productions

      Bisou Ai : Pepe (45$)
      Ange Ai : Hani/Subi (58$)
      Petite Ai : Juriel (68$)
      Little Junior: Mars (72$)
      Junior : Ren/Rena (78$)
      The Ai : Choa/Prayer Choa (98$)

      25th Production

      Bisou Ai : Lilly (45$)
      Ange Ai : Sunny/ Uri / Yuri (58$)
      Petite Ai : Raphael / Sariel (68$)
      Little Junior: Wooju (72$)
      Junior Ai: Yeondu / Yeonu (78$)
      The Ai : Hyun/Stella (98$)

      * Sending dolls will without fixing ,but will offer fixing accessories and clear up the gate.
      * Order canЎЇt be cancelled after you paid
      * Payment can not be refund
      * The most improtant thing is that you must pay your dolls within 24 hours,or it will be canceled automatic.
      * All the time service productions were placed in December 7th ~10th/ December 14th ~17th/ December 25th, Which have been made and were sending now. As to the time service orders placed in the early of January which we predicted will be sent between the end of Febuary and the early of March

      Sorry if i do eniting wrong! :roll:
    2. When considering the purchase of any doll, or doll item, always do a research first to make an informed decision; read threads that discuss aspects of the business.

      To get you started, here are a few threads pertaining to Aidolls.net (formerly CustomHouse)
      About Aidolls.net (CH's new web site)
      CustomHouse Waiting Room
      CustomHouse 2010 Feedback
      CustomHouse Special Sale Discussion
      CustomHouse One Hour Special Sales

      Feel free to post discussion/chat in the appropriate threads.

      If you still have questions on pricing, availability, time frame, shipping, etc., contact Aidolls directly.
      The OP of this thread is only sharing information and is not a representative of Aidolls.