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AiL Alice in Labyrinth - Alice head

Sep 29, 2007

    1. Very beautiful mold. Does anyone know if these are one of a kind?
    2. According to the details within the post, there are two heads available at this time. The selling did mention that these heads may be available for sale again in the future; so I guess if they get good response they will make the heads available.

      The resin color is NS only, currently the hue of their resin matches to Volks NS.
    3. Man, I hope they'll be available in the future - they're gorgeous! There's slots for another two on the website, as well, a boy (Bertram) and a girl (Chloe). Can't wait to get a look at them, too!
    4. I love the girls face. Very different and real looking. Are they available to the US or only on the YJ site?
    5. They are really pretty, but too realistic for me. Maybe if they had bigger eyes.
    6. They are pretty :D I wish I could read what the auction says XD
    7. she's really pretty, i wondur what bod she fits?
    8. I'd snap her up in a heartbeat, but I do wonder what kind of body she fits, not so much the size but the resin color.

      Well I guess we'll just have to hope someone at DOA wins one (like, say, ME) :)
    9. I think she matches SD skintone.
    10. I like them too, but they are a bit realistic for me as well. I also think I'd like them better with bigger eyes. I really, really like their lips :D
    11. Ah, I think I'd buy one in a heartbeat in If had the money. To me the mold is absolutly captivating and mysterous. Fit right in with now growing colection of heads...
    12. OMG i won one of these girls!!! i'm so excited!!!:D:aheartbea :aheartbea . Bliss, you are right, they are defineteley reminescent of kuitsukihime and hizuki. I've been a long admirer of these unique artists and finding this mold, and gettting the other's she will hopefully create in the same way, is awesome. Thanks so much for the head's up i would have never known!!
    13. Congratulations, Toxic*Resin -- I can't wait to see what you do with her!

      -- A :D
    14. is there an english site or a way to order them from the US?
    15. for now it seems that AiL is selling through YJ, though hopefully soon she'll sell them through her website as well. they only came out a month ago ( so soon!!) so hopefully they'll stick around:D
    16. Me's GAWD you won you didn't tell me that O_O!!! Yeah they have this artistic feel about them really gorgeous! Congratsulations hun I think everyone is curious how she'll turn out!!

      Please keep us posted XD!!
    17. Congratulations Toxic on winning a head. I can't wait to see it. I so hope she sells on her website soon. I already have ideas for this sculpt.
    18. Congrats, Toxic! Keep us posted - I'm hoping she releases them through her site, too. I'm very intrigued by this face.
    19. I'm so glad to hear someone on the board won one of these girls. Congratulations, Toxic* and please please please post photos! :D