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AiL Alice in Labyrinth Chloe Head

Jan 17, 2008

    1. I like Chloe as a girl more than a boy and I definitely think she looks older than Alice so she may work with my other dolls. I'm not totally smitten by her, so I need to think about it. Sometimes, it's the ones that grow on me that are the best to bring home.
    2. Lol. I like the boy more. I really like small noses, but these noses seem a bit too small for me. I wish they were more like the Alice head, but with Chloe's eyes... That would be delicious!
    3. :love I love them both! Probably the boy Bertram more but I still love them both. They have a very nice classic look to them. It's like looking at old porcelain dolls from the 1700s. I'd love to buy both heads!! If you sell them would the same face ups be available? :)
    4. She's lovely! She really reminds me of the Koitsukihime art dolls.

      Does the Alice in Labryinth resin match Volks?
    5. I knew it was a mistake to click on that link. So beautiful! I like her even better than Alice. I love her lips.
    6. OMG! I love the faceups, can't believe I haven't been on that site before!
    7. It's a pretty close match but I found the AiL resin to be a bit pinkier.
    8. yeah, i'd been checking their website for two days waiting for those pics. I gotta say though, that I am slightly dissappointed. However, I think those pics don't do this lovely girl justice so I'm definetly getting her too. I love my AiL kids to bits, and Chloe will complete my triad :lol: . Hopefully they'll let us order through the website and not have to go through YJ. matter of fact, i'm off to email them about it;)
    9. I adore those lips.. But I wish the nose was longer, I'm really not into short noses :/ I would definitely buy if the nose was different.
    10. :D Charming! I love all the AiL sculpts. :)
    11. Wow! Nice!!!
    12. Cool! >.<
      However, not my sort of doll...
      But still lovely!
    13. AiL has started Chloe head, together with Bertram and Alice head, for auction on YJ.

      They will open for mail-order at their website from Feb 1-15.

      Btw, I'd like to ask any of you guys who got a Bertram. Which body best suits for him? I learn from AiL that the best match is Volks PS SD13. But just want to hear confirmation from Bertram owners as well as any other alternatives you guys might have.
    14. Does AiL offer heads up with any predictability, or should I take this mail order period as a rare opportunity and snatch up a Bertram ASAP?

      Chloe is really really cute, I just wish her nose didn't melt into her forehead like that. Oh well.
    15. I am so impressed with AIL! I ordered my Chloe head last week, and she is on her way already. Wow. I can't wait to get her.
    16. I ordered the Chloe head and received it two days ago. I can't wait to get it repainted! What a great sculpt!
    17. [​IMG]

      Amazing face, here is my Valencia, I adore this head, now I want more!
    18. Stella Maris that is a gorgeous Chloe, wow.