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Ail Doll-Alice

Aug 12, 2009

    1. We accept advance orders of
      AiL Doll-Alice(head and body set) from today Aug 12.

      Please view "here".


    2. Hello sherman-san

      Sorry we didn't write the measurements of the body without the height and the girth.

      We just updated about others.
      Please view "here".
      Please understand that we can sell only blank head.
      Thank you!!
    3. Hello Tsukidoll-san
      Thank you very much for loving AiL dolls every time.
      Please don't worry!
      Because the body parts are handmade and so a lot, we didn't have plenty of time
      to prepare enough stock.
      So we can only sell 30 sets at the first release.
      But we will work much more, if our dolls have a good sale.
      We will be able to have the second release in the mid Sep.
      And after it we will make this a standard, also white skin.
      We are waiting for your order.
      Thank you!!
    4. :aheartbeawhat size are her feet? I pm'd an order to you because I could not get the order to send the other way. Don't know why.:(
    5. The smaller Alice head (6.9" it says) has the same size as the Daryl head (17,5cm it says). So will Daryl´s neck fit also on the body? :)
    6. Does Alice in Labyrinth still sell SD size boy bodies?
    7. Thanks so much for answering my question. If your msd body sells well will AiL start manufacturing a SD body? Maybe?
    8. Hello hojo-san
      Please see #3.
      Thank you!!
    9. Hello farin-san
      The smaller Alice head is the same size as Daryl, so it's possible to put Daryl head on the new body. But it will depend on painting that the face matching with the body as Daryl's face is younger than Alice.

      Luckyl-san, Tsukidoll-san
      We want to make a larger body in the future.
      Thank you!!

      The first release of AiL Doll-Alice became to be only 6 sets left.
      Please give us advance orders in a hurry.
    10. Thank you very much!!
      The first release is finished.
      We could get 30 sets of advance orders.
      The next release will be started from mid Sep.
      Don't miss it!
      Thanks again!!