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AiL Doll-Alice

Nov 6, 2009

    1. AiL Doll-Alice(head and body set), the 3rd release starts from Nov 7 !!
      In this time, painted head and body sets will be sold.

      Please view[SIZE=+2] "here".[/SIZE]


    2. Hello,
      That link only goes to your main website. How do we see the doll and body you are offering from Nov 7th? What is the price? Is she painted or blank?
    3. Will U have any plan for boy and head set of large head later? I'm looking a body for my Elijah...
    4. Will the smaller Alice be offered in white skin in the future? Thanks!
    5. Hello, jwsmith-san
      We updated our website.
      Please view it.

      Thank you very much!!

      We hope to make a larger sized body, but it's far from easy as we don't have enough time to do it now.
      However we are sure to make it in the future.

      We can accept order AiL Doll-Alice in white skin though it's not included in the cart pages.
      But it takes for two weeks until the shipping as it is a production by order for the time being.
      Please order by email.
      Thank you!!
    6. Is it possible to order a body only to complete my Daryl?
    7. Hello, farin-san
      Sorry we don't have a plan to sell only a body for the time being.
      Thank you!!
    8. How long is Alice, the head and body set, available to order this time?

      Thanks for the answer!
    9. Hello, PearlZenith-san
      It will be finished after 20th in this month.
      Until the last day, we will accept orders even if the stock is out. However, allow us some extra days for delivery.
      Thank you!!
    10. Will there be a fourth release of Alice in the future?
    11. Hello Splynterhayde-san
      Yes there will.
      We will announce about it later.
      Thank you!!
    12. AiL Doll-Alice, the 3rd release will be finished in Nov 23.
      Please order now!!
    13. Hi,

      Looks like I didn't make the last order period :(

      May I ask if there will be a 4th order period, and the approximate date of that? Thanks.
    14. A fourth order period has already been confirmed. They have not told us when it's going to be, though. :)
    15. Thanks Splynterhayde. Looking at the home page, seems like it's going to be 8/12... only a few days away! Yay!
    16. Thank you, kuroichou-san, Splynterhayde-san.
      We will post a new thread soon.