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Aileen Doll Tiny discussion part 2

Jun 29, 2018

    1. Discussion thread for Aileen Doll's Tinys!

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      This is a discussion thread for Aileen Doll Tiny size dolls.

      Company Website: Aileen Doll

      Aileen Doll Tiny discussion part 1:
      Aileen Doll Tiny discussion part 1

      Aileen Doll Tiny discussion part 2:
      Aileen Doll Tiny discussion part 2


      Guys!!! New dragons are coming soon!! I can't wait! Hopefully I can snag one. Do they typically sell out fast?

      edit- Argh I got too excited I think they're just releasing more pico playsets? Sorry to bother you guys.
    2. They don't appear to be the plastic Plamodels. It says Pico dragon on both banner ads, which makes them the tiny resin dragons. Technically, I believe they're off topic here unless they're included in a photo with the regular size dragons. Not enough joints, is my guess. It's not so much that they sell out quickly but that they're usually available for a very short period, so it's good to be prepared to buy as soon as you see them. My Pico Ashes tells me he needs a friend. But which one?
    3. Wonderful! I'll be happy even if they are off-topic here. I just love these little guys.
    4. Me, too. They don't give a date, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were available on July 1st.
    5. I confirm what Vermont chick says! We are working on a date yet but will be very soon!
    6. :D I'm so excited!
    7. There's a date posted now for the two new Pico dragons: July 14th! Only a little more than a week away.:celebrate
    8. Oh you are fast! We will make the announcement tonight but yes, all three of them will start their pre-order on 14th July.

      What? Why are you looking at me like that? I am not telling! :P

      *takes off with a maniacal evil laugh*
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    9. As if I didn't have enough trouble deciding between Shy and Rot...the one you haven't revealed yet must be something really special. Wish I could afford more than one!

      I <3 the dragons!
    10. I want Rot! But a third choice! I wonder who it will be,
    11. Still no announcement. Out of curiosity I looked at the Aileen Doll Europe site. I was surprised to see Griffon Vera in four different color combinations with different bird names. Also one of the tiny Fairies and a new version of human Luna are available, but no dragons except for the PlaPico. I wonder why the European site has different products? Anybody know?
    12. @vermont chick I read an announcement somewhere (sorry, I’ve forgotten where) that the European dealer has some stock leftover from a bjd convention. The griffins are really cute. I only remember the first release though.

      OK, back to lurking. :aninja:
    13. Thanks! That explains it. And now that you mention it, I vaguely remember reading that somewhere, too.
    14. And the third Pico dragon is Ashes, dessert version. I'll be skipping him because I already have the regular Pico Ashes. So I'm back to waffling between Shy and Rot.
    15. I wonder is that possible order through the original site rather than Europe site? Their prices are different.
    16. I don't see why not but check the shipping cost too.
    17. Pico Shy is so cuuute! Oh man, how am I supposed to resist that face? :...(
    18. Simple solution.... Get Shy and Rot. I am thinking that is what I will probably do.
    19. I think I'm going to spring for Rot. I already own Ashes as a Plamodel in the same colour. Can I ask a question of you lovely people? I'm going to do layaway, I see I have to place the order then send 35% down payment via Paypal. Is it okay if I make a bigger down payment? Do I chose the 'pay for items/services' option in send money? Do I need to calculate the paypal fees in my 35% or does Aileendoll eat the cost? Sorry, I'm so new to this, usually I just hit buy and pay in one lump sum! *_*
    20. @namaro - I thought of getting both, but my latest full-size dragon was Rot so that makes it easier to go with Shy. Plus, if I'm honest, I don't really need the dessert bits. I'd much rather have the second pair of wings that come with Shy.

      @perfumed-lotus - I've never done layaway with Aileen Doll. (I tend to be a lump sum gal too.) In my experience buying dolls from other companies, however, no company has ever charged PayPal fees. The fees are part of their cost of doing business and they absorb them. I would suggest, though, that if you send a different amount than the 35% Aileen Doll specifies, you should leave them a message both in the order form comments area and the website Q&A to let them know what you are doing. Or else shoot them a quick message now to ask how they want you to proceed.