ReRelease [AILEENDOLL] Fifth Anniversary Dragons limited release (Ashes, Seed, Rot, Lapis)

Aug 16, 2017

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      HAPPY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY! This summer Aileendoll celebrates his fifth anniversary! And for the occasion a very special release in collaboration with faceup artists Xian and Sebyeol!

      Releasing Crystal Clear Ashes, Seed and Rot by Sebyeol and Ashes, Rot and Lapis by Xian.

      Fifth Anniversary dragons will start sales at AUGUST 18 at 10 am (Korean time) and will go first come first served! There are only 4 units of each model! They will all include random acrylic eyes and will be sent within 7 working days! They will also include the new Aileendoll pouch!


      Special Makeup-5th Celebration (Open on August 18, 2017)
      Crystal Edition-5th Celebration (Open on August 18, 2017)
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