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AiL's new doll

Dec 8, 2009

    1. AiL Doll-Aya starts selling!!


      Blank heads, painted heads and kimono sets
      can be ordered separately without pre-order.
      The full set( a painted head with a pair of eyes and
      a wig, a body, a kimono set)is sold by subscription.


      Please view "here".

    2. So this head is the same size as the mini version of alice and the body is the mini version body the head is on?
    3. Hello TreeLore-san
      Yes, Aya's body is the same as mini Alice's.
      Thank you!!​
    4. She's absolutely stunning! Congrats! *____*
      Are you planning to realize her in white skin?
    5. She IS offered in white!

      Question: How white is your white? is it creamy? I would love a creamy white girl rather than paper white!

      Question: Will you be making this girl in the SD size also? as well as a torso Jointed SD body?
    6. Even this new doll is made in french resin?
    7. will this mold ever be released in SD size?
    8. Hello Algesiras-san
      We can accept white skin order, but it is a production by order, the time of delivery will be around ten days from the order completion.

      TreeLore-san, Toxic*Resin-san
      We don't have a plan to make this girl in SD size now.
      But we want to make it or another Japanese girl in the future.
      We think our white skin is creamy, but sorry it's difficult to put the color into words.

      Sorry, we don't know french resin, we have been using Japanese one.

      Thank you all!!
    9. Congrats!! your new head is delightful!!!
      any chance to see more pics with the body posing in many different ways?
      I would like to know by showing pics, how the body can move ^^
      thank you!
    10. Hello pacchan-san
      We can only show you this picture now.


      We will update our website when the other pictures could be shown.
      Thank you!!
    11. How long is the order period? also are the eyes acrylic?
    12. Hello TreeLore-san
      In this time, we haven't set the period.
      We will finish the sale when we have to keep Customers waiting for over one month.
      Currently we can ship soon without AiL Doll full set.

      The eyes are made from resin and glass.
      The white of the eyes are resin and the pupils are glass.
    13. Now we can deliver AiL Doll -Aya and Alice Kimono full set within one week from the order completion,
      as the wigs, which we had been wainting, arrived earlier than expected.
    14. [​IMG]


      This item is a production by order, the time of delivery will be around two weeks
      from the decision of your order.
      Please accept it and order by email.​

      Thank you!!​