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Aimerai 1\6 Tiny Dolls?

Mar 24, 2017

    1. Anyone have one? I got Ojo because he was in stock and on sale at MOC and he's just adorable. The resin is really nice, and I love the body but I guess not to many people own them. I've found nothing on DOA.
    2. I've been eyeballing them for a while because those little cuties are so adorable but it seems really difficult to find owner photos. :o Would you post some of your little Ojo please?
    3. I can! I don't have a lot, I've only had him a couple weeks... Here he is with a faceup


      I have some blank shots too
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    4. He's precious! I love that faceup you've given him, it accentuates that cute little nose more than the company one. @o@ How is his posing??
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    5. I think it's really good! I mean it's not LTF posing (what is), but with the chest break, which works really well, he's a great poser. He's double-jointed and has mobility thighs. Which you can't see in my pic, but the chest break is obvious. He slouches really well. Which is a big thing for me lol

    6. Thanks! Jinjur has been calling my name for some time now...something about that little face just seems perfect for a character of mine and seeing your Ojo makes me want them even more now. That slouch is great too! I was looking for that when I was browsing for dolls but I couldn't seem to find exactly what I had in mind, so it's good to know that the Aimerai bodies do that.
    7. yay! I hope you get one. I was very nicely surprised by how nice they are. Good kinda impulse, kinda not purchase.
    8. Wow, he's very unique! I wouldn't have even considered them, but I really like what I'm seeing. Do you have any littlefees you can show him with? I would like to see if they close in size.
    9. [​IMG] [​IMG] I bought an aimerai Belle! She's adorable!
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    10. I'm trying to post a picture, so one will be there!

      Aw heck, can't get it to work, so I'll just post a link to my tumblr.

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      Anyway, Aimerai tinies are really cool, and I hope I haven't annoyed anyone with the lack of pictures. I'll post more on my tumblr blog and on my den of angels account if you want to see my Aimerai 1/6's progress. I should get her wig today and her clothes... soon.
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    11. Thank you! and I do, sorry it took so long....I meant to get some shots over the weekend and just failed. But here they are!


      Pong and Luna with Aimerai Ojo (they were the two most easily grabbed who weren't wearing masks)
      I have a few more shots on my flickr

      I think they're about the same in size. Their feet may be a little smaller (but they're wearing the same shoes so it's not a big thing) and the head is smaller, but I don't really see a huge diff when they're together. He looks taller to me too. But y'know. That small it barely matters XD

      She's so cute!! Congrats! I'm glad there are more of these dolls out there, they really are nice!
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    12. Your kids are so unique! I love them. Your Ojo looks more mature then the Littlefees, which I think is good.
    13. Thanks! lol Might be the suit? XD I think they're a teeny bit more realistic than LTFs, but not out of the realm. Regardless I was terrified of how'd they look together when I first got him because I have mostly LTFs...but I'm pretty happy with it!

      spam because I have it

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    14. Oh my god, it's a tiny John! I haven't been on Flickr in a while, and look what I missed! He is so adorable!
    15. Thank you! I love your doll too!
    16. XD It is! Thank you!

      Thanks! :D

      I have a couple spams left....then I need to take more XD

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