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Aimerai QT Kids Tiny Dolls

Jan 29, 2016

    1. This is the discussion thread for the Aimerai QT Kids series (1/12).

      So far there is Zya, Olive, Sabby, and Ander.

      Doll Measurements:
      Height 12.7cm
      Head circumference 12.5cm
      Eyes 14-16mm
      Neck circumference 3.2cm
      Shoulder width 2cm
      Arm length 3.4cm
      Chest circumference 7cm
      Waist circumference 7.6cm
      Hip circumference 9cm
      Thigh circumference 4.5cm
      Leg length 5.5cm
      Foot length 1.4cm

      I have a Sabby coming soon! Anyone else getting one of these cuties? Let's discuss!
    2. I just received the Olive as a gift doll with a larger order. Funny story - I swear almost all of my dolls wear 14mm-16mm eyes (except for one, who wears 18mm), and nothing that I have in my eye stash seems to fit in this girl. The eyes just won't sit next to each other in her sockets. I think I'll have to order some 12mm eyes when I get her wig...

      Anyway, here she is for now-


      I think I'm gonna turn her into a tiny fire elemental or something. Maybe even make her my first experiment in dyeing resin? We'll see :whee:
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    3. Congratulations eleven logic! Olive is cute!

      I too had trouble finding eyes. I finally found a pair of 14mm glass eyes that fit. I had purchased a pair of 12mm for my Sabby, but they were way too small.

      So here is Ambrose! Fancy name for a caveman, but what can you do when they change personalities on you?

      [​IMG]Ambrose of the North by SD Hampton, on Flickr
      #3 kurogane, Feb 29, 2016
      Last edited: Feb 29, 2016
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    4. Very cute :whee: And I like the name, fancy as it may be. Makes me think of an Icewalker barbarian, or ambrosia. Is neat~

      Good to know about the eyes, although I may still toss some 12mm in with the wig order to see. Or maybe I'll steal them from the Oscar Diggs? (I should start calling him Cadence... heh, new dolls)

      Strangely enough, Cadence came with these itty bitty little eyes that seem out of proportion next to my Impldoll Iris, who wears 14mm, which was strange to me, because his sculpt is listed by MoC as wearing 18mm... there is no way these are 18mm eyes, they're smaller than all of my 14mm pairs. I put them in the MSD that I've yet to name and that's where they are now, but if they work for this tiny gal, maybe it's time for the Dorothy sculpt to get blue eyes.

      Anyway. Back on topic. Still gotta name the little Olive. Nothing has quite fit for her yet. Further brainstorming may be required.
    5. Oh, yes the naming woes. Thankfully for me that is the easy part. It's the eyes, wig and outfit that is difficult! Originally Ambrose was to be dressed up fancy, ha, that didn't happen. I was able to get his face up done. It's very simple. Face ups are so hard!

      I'm looking forward to seeing your Olive when done!
    6. Old thread, but it's the only one I'm seeing for Aimerai 1/12 tinies... I just got an Olive as part of a grab bag, and she's adorable, but I'm having some trouble getting a wig to stay on her. (I think a line of hot glue might do the trick but I just moved so I have none of my supplies and none of my spare eyes handy.) Even with the wig difficulty, she's still adorable and I think she's going to become a little spring fairy here!

      [​IMG]Mint on Card HaoQi bag loot by vicemage, on Flickr
    7. So these guys are on topic? I’ve been looking at ander for ages because I want a tiny!