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AiNai (customhouse) sales promotion

Mar 26, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Just got this in my email :3
    2. CustomHouse discussion thread can be found here:

      CustomHouse threads found in the Buying/Shipping Questions and Advice subforum:
      How to Order Customhouse Confusion
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      Another thread suggested by member lucyhayashi:
      Custom House Waiting Room v.2 in the waiting room section. The current waiting time is about 20 weeks for Custom House."
    3. I am now going to ask a really silly question - how does the sale work? Like, where it says like 50% off + event head + dress then add body is $100, what do they mean? I am a total noob with this!
    4. You have to wait till the event starts, then the sale will show up, it's the 26th and the sale starts on the 28th :) Hope it helps.
    5. When the event starts on the 28th, basically this will be what'll happen:

      - Doll you want ---> 50% off original price
      - From the drop-down menus you can choose weather you want the face make-up or whatnot
      - Another drop down menu will ask you what FREE head you want with your doll (you can see the choices on their website under "Basic AI"
      - The wig or dress they talk about is a FREE random, I believe.
      - The last drop-down menu should be the one asking you if you want to purchase an extra body (for your free head) for whatever price is above.

      Hope this helps! I got my first two dolls from custom house, and although I too was nervous ordering, everythig went really smoothly! :)

      Good luck!
    6. Also, so you know: Even though it says 4-5 weeks for shipping, it's actually more like 4-5 months. In a e-mail response I received 2 weeks ago, they said they were just now shipping November orders. My order was made in December so it'll probably be at least another month before it arrives.
    7. I am somewhat confused about the random free wig. Is that only for Ming? Because there is another little star next to "Mang was released only for Limited..." :?
    8. Bebe Ai are not included in the sale "Basic Ai sale off (exept Bebe)"
    9. Started now~ ^^

      Ange Ai extra body is 85$ and not 65$ like in the picture.. :<

      Edit: They fixed it, it's 65 now. :X
    10. does anyone know how long the sale will last for?
    11. Till April 30th at 6pm :) I don't know what time zone so I'd aim earlier and place an order before or on April 28th.