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Ajumapama EU preorder and Tata's paradise european dealer Preorder-15th Sept aprox

Jul 17, 2009

    1. Hi!

      Ajumapama Eu opens preorder. UNTIL 12 th september

      We have new outfits for Yosd from Nine9 style, new outfits from Tree design and new accesories.


      Also we have opened to brownie orders.

      This time a free gift Leggins for your orders over 80$.

      And Tata's paradise Europe. I'm european dealer from Tata .

      You can order clothes from Tata on this web site:

      pre order until 15 th september

      You can found new outfits for Yosd *__* very cute! mohair wigs, boots and clothes. take a look!




      Feel free for any questions ^^

    2. At the moment I don't sale the dolls. Maybe in a future, it depends how goes on the web site ^^

    3. New preorder for september.

      New clothes at Ajumapama and Tata are updated.