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Update AjumaPamaUSA - CheeryDollUSA - Felix Brownies

Mar 5, 2010

    1. Ajumapama has extended the pre-order until March 15th, 9AM EST. So if you are kicking yourself, you can stop.

      Cheery Doll is starting to sew for Model Dolls. Not a lot of variety there yet but I am sure we can look forward to a lot of different styles.

      Felix Brownies….. I don't know what the real story is. I know they are having problems but I have not been told they are in bankruptcy, the wife ran away with the money or any other stories you may have read online. What I do know is that I was told not to worry that I will get all the dolls I ordered. I will have problems with gift heads, you might not get the one you pick but you will get one.

      I promise if worse does come to worse, I will be there for you and you won't loose your money. Just give me time to get your dolls in. I am not expecting extra long delays but there may be some. It is hard to promise ship dates when I don't have the ultimate control.