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AjumaPamaUSA & CheeryDollUSA - lots of new items!

Jun 8, 2008

    1. I have a pre-order running for SD/SD13 Boys and Girls. The jeans are very limited and have been selling out as quick as I get them up. There are a few left. Pre-order ends June 14th at 9 am EST. Also offered is a pre-order on SD/SD13 Girls brown scalloped boots. I have them in black and ivory, they are very nice. Check out the little Brownies by Felix will you are looking around. I have a full set Momo available for immediate ship. Outfit included.


      CheeryDoll has been busy. New designer, TREE, is making some really cute co-ordinating SD/SD13 Boy and Girl clothing. Also new items from TTYA for U-Noa and MSD sizes. CheeryDoll has new items also, so be sure to browse the catagories.


    2. Hi Karin,
      Can you tell me if the CheeryDoll set CD-1402 for Unoa includes the top shown? I can't tell. Also, the shoes she's wearing are so cute! Any idea if those can be ordered?
    3. I am 99.999999% sure that the top comes with the shorts. I am 80% sure you will get the neck scarf also. I have an email asking, as soon as I hear I will update it on the site.
      Thanks for pointing that out.

    4. Update:

      The top does come with CD-1402