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AjumaPamaUSA - ends 12/30/08 9AM EST

Dec 21, 2008

    1. New AjumaPama for SD/SD13 Girls and U-Noa/MSD/SDC/MF sized BJD. Gifts for spending $50-$100.

      Guest Designers are back up. TREE Designs have a few items left, very limited quantities. Nine9 clothes and accessories are available one more time. Headphones are sold out. Will update if they come available.

      New clothes from Dollsi. Wait until you see these! These will include boys in the SD17 size!
      I should have them up by 12/22. And there will be beautiful shawls and scarves from Smallassi. Some are still in production but as soon as they are available, I will get them up.
      Pre-Order ends December 30, 2008 at 9AM EST

      Hope every one has a great holiday no matter what you celebrate!
      Stay safe and healthy.

    2. Added:

      Scarves for SD/SD13 and U-Noa/MSD/SDC from designer Smallassi.

      Purchase Basic Set Brownie or Full Set Brownie - 20% off retail price plus FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE!
      (Be sure to purchase your Brownies separately from other items or shipping will be added automatically)