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AjumaPamaUSA Pre-order and more.......

Oct 16, 2009

    1. It's been awhile since Ajumapama did a clothing pre-order. There is one now with some great items for SD/SD13 Boys, Girls and 1 U-Noa outfit.

      I have added a new category to the Navigation Bar on the left side of the web pages. "Current Pre-Order" will contain all Ajumapama clothes currently available for pre-order. You won't have to jump around to different size categories. Don't forget to check out the different size categories though, as I add Korean and USA inventory as available.

      The Brownie Event continues.... gifts until October 30th at 9AM EST when you spend a specific amount. You can check out the gifts here and on the Brownie Event webpage.

      Some of you remember that CheeryDoll carried a line of clothes by TTYA. I know many were disappointed when they disappeared. Well, TTYA has asked me to be their USA Agent and I agreed. Still working on the website but all of the ball jointed doll clothes are up. Need to add the Momoko clothes then it will be done. They will be adding more clothes in all categories.

      I know it is a bit away but please think about attending the Austin BJD Convention in August 2010. It is the only show I do as a vendor. I bring a ton of great stuff with me!

    2. it says gifts until dec 30th but the site says oct 30th which one is it just to clairify?
    3. Are we allowed to change that dress gift to the head instead?

      Sent this question to you in a PM but worth repeating I guess.
    4. Sorry it is October 30th.

      candy_coated check your PMs.